sp. "exevale"

  1. Thirsty Selenotypus Exevale

    Thirsty Selenotypus Exevale

    First time in 20 years I've seen one of my Ts drink from a dish. I only started using actual bowls in a few enclosures about six months ago.
  2. Selenotypus SP Exevale

    Selenotypus SP Exevale

    Settled in and feeding on a cricket, wouldn't let me get a good shot this was the best i could do!
  3. Selenotypus sp Exevale

    Selenotypus sp Exevale

    Someone’s turned around in her hide. I see you
  4. Selenotypus sp exevale

    Selenotypus sp exevale

    Picked up this girl today locally on the Gold Coast. She is currently settling in to her new home in a quite dark spot.
  5. Selenotypus Exevale.

    Selenotypus Exevale.

    Lookin out my back door.
  6. Selenotypus exevale. 3.0

    Selenotypus exevale. 3.0

    This dude lol, trying to fight me for a piece sphagnum.
  7. Selonotypus exevale 2.0

    Selonotypus exevale 2.0

    Testing out a new camera on this little hug monster.
  8. Selonotypus sp. exevale.

    Selonotypus sp. exevale.

    One of 4 selonotypus exevale being rehoused tonight, not bad growth for a $10 sling purchased in December 2017.