sp. "colombia"

  1. Neischnocolus sp. Colombia Female ~1.5"

    Neischnocolus sp. Colombia Female ~1.5"

    I'm sure I saw spermathecae in her exuvia, but I'm not positive. I assume she would have hooked out by now if she had been male. This is the only survivor in the package that Canada Post lost for two weeks in April 2017. This is the only photo I have ever been able to get of her. She's lovely.
  2. Pseudhapalopus sp. "Colombia"

    Pseudhapalopus sp. "Colombia"

  3. Super tiny

    Super tiny

    Here is another pic to give an idea just how tiny these guys are.
  4. Small and cute

    Small and cute

    My H. sp colombia lrg hanging out with a chunk of meal worm it drug into its hole. They are so tiny but surprisingly bold.
  5. Hapalopus sp. Colombia sling

    Hapalopus sp. Colombia sling

  6. First sac ever

    First sac ever

    Was not sure how old this sac was so I pulled. Wish I had waited longer but fingers crossed for baby h. Sp. Colombia
  7. Hapalopus sp. "Colombia" [ventral sexing]

    Hapalopus sp. "Colombia" [ventral sexing]

    Pumpkin patch roughly 2 inches in DLS sorry for the awful camera work my camera is charging
  8. Hapalopus sp colombia groß

    Hapalopus sp colombia groß

    Very colorful!
  9. Hapalopus sp colombia groß (small)

    Hapalopus sp colombia groß (small)

    Isn't she/he adorable?
  10. Hapalopus sp colombia groß (Large)

    Hapalopus sp colombia groß (Large)

    My Colombian Pumpkin Patch
  11. Colombia Sling

    Colombia Sling

    3/4 of an inch sling.
  12. Hapolopus Columbia LG MM

    Hapolopus Columbia LG MM

    Found this guy mature. Gotta find a female or someone local that needs one. Anyone in the Indiana area.
  13. Mature male surprisingly

    Mature male surprisingly

    Can't believe this is mature. I just got it 8-1-18 as tiny sling. Now got to find a gi or someone who needs him.
  14. Hapalopus sp. Colombia sling

    Hapalopus sp. Colombia sling

    In love with this little fella
  15. Hapalopus sp. Columbia

    Hapalopus sp. Columbia

  16. Rehoused my Hapolopus sp Colombia

    Rehoused my Hapolopus sp Colombia

    I’m gifting this little 1” monster to my hookup at Petco who is moving to a different store, so I rehoused it into something that’ll work for a while. My Petco buddy gave me a gigantic bag of crickets, so my room sounds like the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Need banjo for ambiance.
  17. Hapalopus sp. "Colombia"

    Hapalopus sp. "Colombia"

    I know it's a hapolopus Colombia, but I'm at a loss at figuring out if it's a Large or Small Morph, the information i received when i got the lil fella was that it was a little over a year old, eating and watering once a week. Thank you!
  18. Ami sp. Colombia

    Ami sp. Colombia

    Freshly moulted and still only about an inch. I've had this little one over a year and was the smallest tarantula that I have ever had - they were only 1/8" when I got them. Slow growing for a dwarf species. I will never be able to sex this tyke.
  19. Tapinauchenius sp. "Colombia"

    Tapinauchenius sp. "Colombia"

    Juvenile, fresh molt
  20. Tapinauchenius sp. "Colombia"

    Tapinauchenius sp. "Colombia"

    Juvenile 2"