sp. "champagne robustus"

  1. Moulted shell.jpg

    Moulted shell.jpg

    Selenotypus champagne robustus
  2. Mahchikni (Selenotypus sp. "Champagne Robustus")

    Mahchikni (Selenotypus sp. "Champagne Robustus")

    Selenotypus champagne robustus - Post moult, looking fresh 👌
  3. New year, new skin

    New year, new skin

    Finger did the impossible by actually molting, gaining an impressive 0.0001 millimeters. It will be at least a year before this spectacle occurs again
  4. Flinger


    My favourite, crooked fanged, trash tossing T, Selenotypus sp. Champagne Robustus
  5. Dish love

    Dish love

    Flinger is in love with her new dish
  6. The ultimate showdown

    The ultimate showdown

    Flinger squares off against her newest rival, a water dish. Her response? Happy dance and web her entire enclosure. Selenotypus Champagne Robustus
  7. Flinger


    Selenotypus Champagne Robustus. She was disturbed by a cricket that ran down her burrow and promptly exited
  8. The dance routine

    The dance routine

    Flinger happy dancing after catching a cricket
  9. Flinger's flash appearance

    Flinger's flash appearance

    I haven't updated on my T's in a while, so here is Flinger, my S.Champagne Robustus
  10. Flinger's renovations update

    Flinger's renovations update

    The burrowing is still in full swing with 4 connected entrances now
  11. Selenotypus SP Champagne Robustus

    Selenotypus SP Champagne Robustus

    Can’t wait for this little 1cm guy to grow! Tho I’ll be waiting awhile haha
  12. Flinger's renovation progress

    Flinger's renovation progress

    Selenotypus "Champagne Robustus" A new hole (top left) has appeared overnight
  13. Flinger preparing to fling

    Flinger preparing to fling

    S.C.Robustus. She has a mouthful of dirt she is preparing to launch at the lid
  14. Drinking 100

    Drinking 100

    S.C.Robustus. Drinking is always better with friends
  15. Flinger


    Selenotypus Champagne Robustus
  16. Flinger


    S.C.Robustus. I kid you not she jumped backwards to catch the cricket after it poked her foot
  17. 0.1 Selenotypus sp. Champagne Robustus

    0.1 Selenotypus sp. Champagne Robustus

    She munch
  18. Angry spooder (S.C.Robustus)

    Angry spooder (S.C.Robustus)

    Lucky cricket aye
  19. 0.1 Champagne Robustus

    0.1 Champagne Robustus

    Flinger in her glorious shiny colours
  20. S.Champagne Robustus munching a cricket

    S.Champagne Robustus munching a cricket

    She is rarely outside long enough to get a full photo. Here is her with what I call the "eclipse abdomen". From the right angle it just looks pitch black