1. Caribena versicolor 1i

    Caribena versicolor 1i

    C versi 1i.
  2. Pamphobeteus sp. "Cascada"

    Pamphobeteus sp. "Cascada"

  3. G. Pulchripes

    G. Pulchripes

    Male or female ?
  4. C. Versicolor

    C. Versicolor

    I have no Idea which sex she is. Could you help ? (I say she to be wishful)
  5. Brachypelma emilia

    Brachypelma emilia

  6. First look at tube slings

    First look at tube slings

    Bellthorpe tube spider sac hatched this morning, easily close to 300 healthy slings
  7. Hadronyche versuta EWLs

    Hadronyche versuta EWLs

    Eggs with legs & yes its a Myglamporh
  8. Acanthoscurria Geniculata sling

    Acanthoscurria Geniculata sling

    Freshly molted on 12-5-19 A. Geniculata
  9. Drawbridge Trapdoor sling hunting

    Drawbridge Trapdoor sling hunting

    Rehoused due to mold and testing out her new door for the first time
  10. Ceratogyrus darlingi slings 1.25”

    Ceratogyrus darlingi slings 1.25”

    I picked these goofballs up at 2i in mid August. They’re “fossorial”.
  11. Hunting (Grammostola iheringi 2")

    Hunting (Grammostola iheringi 2")

  12. Noms (Grammostola actaeon 1.5")

    Noms (Grammostola actaeon 1.5")

  13. The Twins

    The Twins

    Spazmatism and Retinazer in their new communal enclosure. Arbanitis sp. Gold
  14. Caribena Versicolor

    Caribena Versicolor

  15. Nhandu tripepii juvenile

    Nhandu tripepii juvenile

  16. Pumpkin Patch

    Pumpkin Patch

    Had this T since it was 1/8" big.
  17. B. cabocla sling

    B. cabocla sling

  18. Nhandu chromatus post-molt

    Nhandu chromatus post-molt

    Showing some new colors!
  19. A.Geniculata HELP!!

    A.Geniculata HELP!!

    I am new in this hobby and this is my first tarantula. He/she is a week old, how long is my a.genic will be molt. What stage of instar is it.
  20. B.emilia


    Little QT with the Booty ;)