1. Twinkle, Twinkle...

    Twinkle, Twinkle...

    Because Centauri is a little star. :) 0.1.0 C. sellatus
  2. Where Am?

    Where Am?

    Centauri got a rehouse and she sat like this for a solid 15 minutes looking utterly befuddled in her new home. Suspect female C. sellatus.
  3. Little Star

    Little Star

    Cyriocosmus sellatus, also known as the Dwarf Star. This thing is so itty bitty but took down a cricket that definitely had more mass than itself, if not size. It'll be exciting to watch this tiny dwarf grow into a not-as-tiny dwarf.
  4. Cyriocosmus Sellatus

    Cyriocosmus Sellatus

  5. Cyriocosmus sellatus

    Cyriocosmus sellatus

    Cyriocosmus sellatus, purchased from Arachnids RVA. Isn't she gorgeous?
  6. Cyriocosmus sellatus

    Cyriocosmus sellatus

    nasty little guy. Will bite, and do so slowly without threats.