selenotypus sp. "wallace"

  1. Selenotypus sp Wallace

    Selenotypus sp Wallace

    First time I’ve caught her out for a stroll in a long time, looking much fatter 😁 sorry for the poor picture but she doesn’t stay out for long
  2. Selenotypus sp Wallace

    Selenotypus sp Wallace

    Having a drink/ bath 😁 old photo but cute
  3. Selenotypus sp. "Wallace" enclosure

    Selenotypus sp. "Wallace" enclosure

    Slelenotypus sp wallace enclosure
  4. Selenotypus Sp wallace

    Selenotypus Sp wallace

    First pics after rehousing her
  5. Selenotypus Wallace sling

    Selenotypus Wallace sling

    Got some photos of the little one just freshly moulted my big girl has closed off her burrow too so We’ll see in the next week or 2
  6. Pamphobeteus sp. "Cascada" _2

    Pamphobeteus sp. "Cascada" _2

    postmolt juvie
  7. Selenotypus Wallace sling

    Selenotypus Wallace sling

    Jordie my first T, extremely active little one
  8. Selenotypus sp. "Wallace" sling

    Selenotypus sp. "Wallace" sling

    Wallace Sling
  9. Selenotypus sp. "Wallace"

    Selenotypus sp. "Wallace"

    Adult Female Wallace
  10. Selenotypus Wallace AF

    Selenotypus Wallace AF

    She pretty
  11. First Day

    First Day

    Got my first ever T on Wednesday it is a sling of Selenotypus SP. 6 Wallace so happy with it
  12. S.Wallace


    Drinking some substrate tea
  13. Master of the dance moves

    Master of the dance moves

    Also Selenotypus Wallace. Feeding is a cause for celebration and not putting the lid back on! She has graced me with her presence for 2 consecutive nights
  14. Master of the dish

    Master of the dish

    Selenotypus Wallace
  15. S.Wallace feeding gif

    S.Wallace feeding gif

    She attac
  16. Unexplainable Phenomenon

    Unexplainable Phenomenon

    Water dish as been in for 1 week without any attempt at flipping it or drowning it in substrate. Selenotypus Wallace, long hair form
  17. RESISTANCE: 100 Selenotypus Wallace

    RESISTANCE: 100 Selenotypus Wallace

    So my replacement T arrived today, this time with a single ventilation hole, and all of her right legs have a crack in them at some point. Sende managed to cram EVEN MORE paper towel in the tiny container. To actually have survived such shipping conditions in the current temperatures here is amazing