1. Jumping Spider ID Request

    Jumping Spider ID Request

    I know it's not a T but I would like to know what kind this is I tried doing a little research Anasaitis conosa or a phidippus regius
  2. Phidipus regius?

    Phidipus regius?

    Picked this guys up at a local expo. The guy who sold it said it was the Regal Jumping spider.
  3. MF Bryantae Phidippus audax

    MF Bryantae Phidippus audax

    In my flower pot.
  4. Need jumping spider ID

    Need jumping spider ID

    I live in British Columbia Canada, found this little guy in my bathroom, trying to get an I.D. on it any ideas?
  5. Platycryptus undatus

    Platycryptus undatus

    Added another jumper to my collection.
  6. smart spider

    smart spider

    Jumping spider checking me out from inside a gas pump. Must be warmer in there compared to spider! Any guess at its ID?
  7. Skylar (P. johnsoni)

    Skylar (P. johnsoni)

  8. P. Audax

    P. Audax

    This is the first time I've been able to witness this little guy eat. I watched him catch and drag his meal all the way to his little web.
  9. Hyllus diardi slings

    Hyllus diardi slings

    A fruitfly with a bad day.
  10. Just a cool jumping spider

    Just a cool jumping spider

    I have no idea what species this is, it landed on my neck and is adorable
  11. Phidippus Audax

    Phidippus Audax

    I don't see Dax often but when I do it brings a smile to my face.
  12. Itsy bitsy Phidi.

    Itsy bitsy Phidi.

    My tiny P. Audax finally came out to say hi.
  13. Phidippus regius

    Phidippus regius

    Juvenile female
  14. Peacock Jumping Spider?

    Peacock Jumping Spider?

    Hi guys. Found this little jumping spider in Redhill Brisbane while hedge trimming just wondering if its a type of peacock spider??
  15. Ungoliant

    Found: a Lactating Spider

    Found: a Lactating Spider Jumping spiders suckle their young for longer than mice.
  16. Helpis Minitabunda male

    Helpis Minitabunda male

    A large, slow moving jumping spider
  17. Cytaea sp. Jumping spider

    Cytaea sp. Jumping spider

    Fairly common and active species
  18. Zenodorus Orbiculatus female

    Zenodorus Orbiculatus female

    Round ant eating Jumping spider
  19. Jumping Spider

    Jumping Spider

  20. Salticidae sp.

    Salticidae sp.

    Bronze jumping spider