1. Local jumping spider

    Local jumping spider

  2. Local jumping spider

    Local jumping spider

  3. Local Jumping spider

    Local Jumping spider

  4. Spider Lyssomanes viridis-7355.JPG

    Spider Lyssomanes viridis-7355.JPG

    Lyssomanes viridis, ~ 5mm diagonal leg span, tiny little thing.
  5. Spider Lyssomanes viridis-7365.JPG

    Spider Lyssomanes viridis-7365.JPG

    A second Lyssomanes viridis, this one's legs are all intact. ~ 5mm diagonal leg span.
  6. Spider Lyssomanes viridis-7274.JPG

    Spider Lyssomanes viridis-7274.JPG

    Magnolia Green Jumping Spider, Lyssomanes viridis, ~5mm diagonal leg span, found on a Fatsia plant this morning. Adult males have huge chelicerae, not sure if this is a female or if their sexual dimorphism isn't evident when they are juveniles. This species is known for having a moving retina.
  7. 3D Jumping Spider Male

    3D Jumping Spider Male

    3D Jumping Spider Male
  8. chubs JS.jpg

    chubs JS.jpg

  9. Jumping spider

    Jumping spider

    Caught this little guy while in Singapore visiting family. Any clue if it’s male or female?
  10. Little jumping spider

    Little jumping spider

    I dunno the species.
  11. Phidippus regius

    Phidippus regius

    It's Christmas eve in my neck of the woods. I wanna take the time to wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas/holidays -- Party hard! ✨
  12. Klaus


    I can't wait til this lil dude grows P. regius
  13. Christmas Jumper LOL

    Christmas Jumper LOL

  14. Phidippus sp., mature female.

    Phidippus sp., mature female.

    The one and only jumping spider I´ve kept in my collection, I had her for around 5 days so I could take some shots and then realesed her where I found her in my backyard.
  15. Female Phiddipus Johnsoni

    Female Phiddipus Johnsoni

    Found her starving in a friend’s house.
  16. Pumpkin Butt (P Regius)

    Pumpkin Butt (P Regius)

    P Regius female (Regal jumping spider)
  17. a Halloween Pumpkin

    a Halloween Pumpkin

    My subadult female p. Regius called pumpkin
  18. H Diardi female

    H Diardi female

    My H Diardi sub adult female
  19. Excuse me my house

    Excuse me my house

    H Diardi spying on me
  20. H Diardi unibrow

    H Diardi unibrow

    H Diardi subadult female settling in to her new enclosure