1. My # 1 pet hole is out!! M. Robustum

    My # 1 pet hole is out!! M. Robustum

    I have not seen this T out ever. Last time I saw this girl was rehousing into her final home. Last year maybe. I walked by and had to do a double take before I realized it was her. What is your number pet hole?
  2. M. Robustum

    M. Robustum

    Sub-adult male 5 inch DLS Molt
  3. M. Robustum

    M. Robustum

  4. M. Robustum

    M. Robustum

    Is this a flap that im seeing? 20x magnification on a 3.5” Robustum sorry for the unclear picture but this species is very hard to find the flap...
  5. Megaphobema robustum

    Megaphobema robustum

    1.0.0 Megaphobema robustum
  6. M. robustum

    M. robustum

    Burrow seems too boring so this girl decided to come hang out a bit. Of course the moment I touched enclosure she disappeared like a ghost D:
  7. M. robustum

    M. robustum

    6+ Inches
  8. Megaphobema robustum

    Megaphobema robustum

  9. Megaphobema robustum

    Megaphobema robustum

    Sub-Adult Male
  10. M. robustum

    M. robustum

    Doin' a dig
  11. M. robustum

    M. robustum

    Doin' a dig
  12. M. robustum

    M. robustum

  13. Megaphobema robustum

    Megaphobema robustum

  14. Megaphobema robustum molt

    Megaphobema robustum molt

    Molt is approximately 2-3" OLS. This is my second molt with my pet hole M. Robustum. I am not very good at sexing molts. Looking at this molt, I am leaning towards male. If you could please share your thoughts, insights, and expertise regarding the sex of my pet hole I would be very thankful.
  15. Megaphobema robustum Sub Adult Male

    Megaphobema robustum Sub Adult Male

    Megaphobema robustum Sub Adult Male Please feel free to use this image royalty and permission free.
  16. Boudicca


    I finally cought my M. robustum out! Jeesh he/she is a nervous one. Very good looking though.
  17. Megaphobelma Robustum

    Megaphobelma Robustum

    Another destroyed molt... I fully understand it is not a lot to look at. Any ideas M/F.
  18. Boudicca just molted!

    Boudicca just molted!

    Just finished molting and now she/he is grooming. I wishbI could upload the video.
  19. Megaphobema Robustum Juvenile

    Megaphobema Robustum Juvenile

    Suspect Male
  20. Robustum


    just molted. Not a great pic but I wanted to show its colors off