pterinochilus mamillatus

  1. OBT


  2. I think he saw me

    I think he saw me

  3. Just don't look over!

    Just don't look over!

  4. What's red, mean and freshly molted?

    What's red, mean and freshly molted?

    And also needs a rehousing? That's going to be an adventure! That's not a filter, I've a red light in the room for heat and light that won't annoy them.
  5. There you are my Tangerine

    There you are my Tangerine

  6. OBT


    Never seem to be any more defensive then any other t in my collection. Maybe that will change when they get bigger.
  7. OBT


    This is one of my two OBT’s. It’s about 2 inches right now. Any ideas? Best photo I could get.
  8. My Mature Male P. Murinus

    My Mature Male P. Murinus

    I bought Whiskey my mature male P. Mur as a mature male cause I didn't think he would be bought by anybody for being matured and a male. He's actually one of my calmest Ts and it says a lot for being an OBT and comparing his sweetness to my Curly Hair (Brachypelma Albopilosum)
  9. ~3" P. murinus Sex

    ~3" P. murinus Sex

    Having difficulties with this one, keep second guessing myself. Sitting right around 3" in leg span. Thoughts?
  10. Pterinochilus Murinus

    Pterinochilus Murinus

    Boris enjoying a dubia. His burrow is visible from the backside of the terrarium.
  11. Pterinochilus Murinus - 3 inches

    Pterinochilus Murinus - 3 inches

    What do you see?
  12. OBT sex?

    OBT sex?

    Around 2 inch legspan.
  13. P.murinus sex?

    P.murinus sex?

    2 inch diagonal legspan.
  14. P. Murinus

    P. Murinus

    2,5" P. Murinus
  15. OBT 2.5inches++ M or F?

    OBT 2.5inches++ M or F?

  16. OBT M or F?

    OBT M or F?

    Around 2.5 inch dls.
  17. Orange Beautiful Thing

    Orange Beautiful Thing

  18. Pterinochilus murinus

    Pterinochilus murinus

    1.5'' juvenile female
  19. Pterinochilus murinus [ventral sexing]

    Pterinochilus murinus [ventral sexing]

    P. murinus male or female?
  20. 3" OBT

    3" OBT

    I cant sex a T for the life of me, can anyone give some insight?