pterinochilus mamillatus

  1. OBT just under 2”, too small to sex?

    OBT just under 2”, too small to sex?

  2. Pterinochilus murinus

    Pterinochilus murinus

    My Pterinochilus murinus, Naruto
  3. 2.5" Obt (p. murinus) ventral sexing [2/2]

    2.5" Obt (p. murinus) ventral sexing [2/2]

    Hi! I hope this is a better picture to figure out if this is a male or a female. Can you tell?
  4. Pterinochilus murinus "rcf" 2/2

    Pterinochilus murinus "rcf" 2/2

    One more picture. Juvenile p. murinus
  5. Pterinochilus murinus "rcf" [1/2]

    Pterinochilus murinus "rcf" [1/2]

    Big juvenile p. murinus. Any suggestions on sex?
  6. 3” P. murinus

    3” P. murinus

  7. OBT in molting

    OBT in molting

  8. 2" Pterinochilus murinus [molt sexing]

    2" Pterinochilus murinus [molt sexing]

    OBT ~2"
  9. 2.5" Obt (p. murinus) ventral sexing [1/2]

    2.5" Obt (p. murinus) ventral sexing [1/2]

    Hello! Could you guys help me sexing this obt, please?
  10. OBT goodness

    OBT goodness

    OBT doing what they do
  11. Mature female OBT

    Mature female OBT

    Beautiful beast. Just cannot get enough of her beauty. Guess the anger comes along with the beauty.
  12. 1" Pterinochilus murinus [ventral sexing]

    1" Pterinochilus murinus [ventral sexing]

    1 inch OBT.
  13. Lair of the Beast

    Lair of the Beast

    Webbing done by my 1.5’’ P. murinus sling, spent all its time underground since purchasing back in November and now all of a sudden becomes an artist every night.
  14. Pterinochilus murinus RCF

    Pterinochilus murinus RCF

  15. 2” P murinus

    2” P murinus

    OBT molted this morning, about 2”
  16. P. murinus .5" sling

    P. murinus .5" sling

  17. Pterinochilus Murinus

    Pterinochilus Murinus

    Surprised at how well the photos turned out from outside her enclosure. But glad they turned out well. She's so pretty
  18. Pterinochilus Murinus

    Pterinochilus Murinus

    Killer B just hanging outside her burrow today
  19. OBT


    On cutting mat
  20. OBT


    Namiros in his lair