1. ~2" Pseudhapalopus sp blue

    ~2" Pseudhapalopus sp blue

    Prominent "lips"
  2. ~2" Pseudhapalopus sp blue

    ~2" Pseudhapalopus sp blue

    Can males have prominent "lips" like this?
  3. 0.1 Pseudohapalopus sp Kurzhaar

    0.1 Pseudohapalopus sp Kurzhaar

    1.875” DLS
  4. Pseudhapalopus sp. "blue" sling

    Pseudhapalopus sp. "blue" sling

  5. Pseudhapalopus sp. "Colombia"

    Pseudhapalopus sp. "Colombia"

  6. Pseudhapalopus sp. "blue"

    Pseudhapalopus sp. "blue"

  7. P. sp blue

    P. sp blue

    So tiny and not putting on much size with molts... Its gonna be a long time before these get ‘big’. Business card for size reference.
  8. Pseudhapalopus sp. "blue"

    Pseudhapalopus sp. "blue"

  9. Tiny Blue Boi

    Tiny Blue Boi

    My teeny tiny Pseudhapalopus sp "Blue" sling!
  10. Blue Beauty

    Blue Beauty

    Really wanting to fix up this girl's enclosure, it's so drab for such a gorgeous T. 0.1 Pseudohapalopus sp. blue
  11. Shine Bright Like A Diamond

    Shine Bright Like A Diamond

    Crazy Diamond gave me her first molt in my care and I could not be happier! - 0.1 Pseudhapalopus sp. "blue"
  12. Breaking the Fast

    Breaking the Fast

    So good to finally get this girl eating. 0.1 Pseudohaplopus sp blue.
  13. Camera Shy

    Camera Shy

    "Daaaad, don't take pictures of me! I haven't put on my makeup yet! :c" 0.1 Pseudohaplopus sp. blue
  14. P. sp. blue

    P. sp. blue

    Still waiting on this girl to drop a molt since she hasn't eaten for me a single time since I got her. -_- Crazy Diamond, 0.1 Pseudhapalopus sp blue
  15. 0.1.0 Pseudhapalopus sp. "Blue"

    0.1.0 Pseudhapalopus sp. "Blue"

    Color on this girl is gorgeous, even though it looks like she may be in need of a molt here soon.
  16. Pseudhapalopus spinulopalpus Adult Female

    Pseudhapalopus spinulopalpus Adult Female

    You don't see their spermathecae very often. Thought I would post for reference.
  17. Pseudhapalopus spinulopalpus

    Pseudhapalopus spinulopalpus

    Mystery solved. If anyone can shed any light on this species, I would be grateful. There is very little out there about them. Thanks!
  18. Jeff23

    Pseudhapalopus sp blue

    Does anyone else own Pseudhapalopus sp. blue? I have some slings that I bought a couple months ago as 1/8" slings. I am concerned on whether I am doing the husbandry right. Though I set mine up with pre-made burrows under some cork bark, they never seem to burrow. One care sheet site calls...
  19. Pseudhapalopus sp. "blue" female

    Pseudhapalopus sp. "blue" female

  20. Pseudhapalopus Sp. "blue"

    Pseudhapalopus Sp. "blue"

    1.25" baby with blue opisthosoma visible after recent molt