psalmopoeus reduncus

  1. 0.1 P. reduncus

    0.1 P. reduncus

    Psalmopoeus reduncus adult female.
  2. 0.1 P. reduncus

    0.1 P. reduncus

    4.25" adult female Psalmopoeus reduncus.
  3. IMG_20200619_125548_928.jpg


    2.5" Psalmopoeus reduncus molt, opinions on sex? Leaning female but there's no moveable flap that I can bend back.
  4. 0.1 P. reduncus

    0.1 P. reduncus

  5. P. reduncus

    P. reduncus

    freshly molted AF
  6. Psalmopoeus reduncus [ventral sexing]

    Psalmopoeus reduncus [ventral sexing]

    2 inch Psalmopoeus reduncus, I'm leaning female but I'm awful at ventral sexing.
  7. P. reduncus

    P. reduncus

    P. reduncus. Male or female?
  8. Psa. Reduncus

    Psa. Reduncus

    Happy Feet finding a new spot to chill.
  9. P.reduncus


    3.5 inch juvenile male.
  10. Psalmopoeus reduncus

    Psalmopoeus reduncus

    Unsexed juvenile. The iridescence and color is pretty nice to see in person
  11. Psalmopoeus reduncus

    Psalmopoeus reduncus

  12. 0.1 P. reduncus

    0.1 P. reduncus

    4" female Psalmopoeus reduncus.
  13. 0.1 P. reduncus

    0.1 P. reduncus

    3" female Psalmopoeus reduncus.
  14. reduncus Pic #3

    reduncus Pic #3

  15. reduncus pic #2

    reduncus pic #2

  16. reduncus Pic #1

    reduncus Pic #1

  17. Red


    I don't show Magician's Red enough love. 0.1 P. reduncus
  18. P.reduncus sex?

    P.reduncus sex?

    I'm thinking male but haven't looked at many female molts to compare, anyone wanna chime in? 2.5" molt.
  19. P.reduncus


  20. Psalmopoeus reduncus

    Psalmopoeus reduncus

    3" unsexed