psalmopoeus cambridgei photos

  1. 1.0 MM P. cabridgei Freshly Molted

    1.0 MM P. cabridgei Freshly Molted

    He grew quick in 8 months from sling to MM. Still have one more male to mature.
  2. Psalmopoeus cambridgei Female 4.5"

    Psalmopoeus cambridgei Female 4.5"

    Moult confirmed female for comparison.
  3. Reclusive P. cambridgei feeding

    Reclusive P. cambridgei feeding

    Great species, but I only mines during the dark. Other than that, it is just legs sticking out or just reclusive as can be.
  4. Psalmopoeus cambridgei Juvenile Female - ~3.5"

    Psalmopoeus cambridgei Juvenile Female - ~3.5"

    Since her last moult, I am seeing more of her out and about. She sure is gorgeous and a master of camouflage.
  5. came out for a drink of water

    came out for a drink of water

    and happily sat on her bark for a little
  6. Schlyne

    Species Psalmopoeus cambridgei

    I feel privileged that Speedracer let me take this photo and several others. Of course it was then startled when I put the lid back on. ;P Out of all the pictures I took, I feel this one conveys the subtle green the most. Here's a few others