1. 1.0 MM Poecilotheria striata

    1.0 MM Poecilotheria striata

    He looks amazing and probably one of the best looking MM pokie I've seen. It has a gray-brown color tone with hues of purple on the carapace and leg tips which is an amazing contrast. Now we wait for a sperm web before breeding.
  2. 0.1 C. vonwirthi 1 month Post-molt

    0.1 C. vonwirthi 1 month Post-molt

    My C. vonwirthi post-molt. She's already hardened up and ready to eat. Her molt measured exact 5'' but still looks so small. I'm expecting her to get larger in the future. Also she has a beautiful sheen of purple on her legs when I take a picture with flash.
  3. 0.1 GBB - freshly moulted

    0.1 GBB - freshly moulted

    Caught her on her first stroll after her recent moult. ♥
  4. B. emilia Female Post Molt

    B. emilia Female Post Molt

    Took a while, but it finally confirmed a female (through molt). About 2.5" and is ready to feed. Haven't named her, but I like Emilia enough for her name I guess.
  5. Nhandu Chromatus Postmoult

    Nhandu Chromatus Postmoult

    Ignore light glare. My nhandu crhomatus juvenile post moult, moult was 7.5cm but yet again destroyed so this one remains unsexed, little bugger :') Very underrated species based on colour, their patterns are beautiful x
  6. Versicolor Sling

    Versicolor Sling

    Little cutie 4 days after moult, think we're hitting around 3-3.5cm with these guys now. Absolutely adorable x
  7. B. Hamorii Sling post moult

    B. Hamorii Sling post moult

    Came out blurry but still cute. My little Hamorii sling after his moult. I'm so so happy to see he's starting to get a bit of colour! Absolutely adorable xx
  8. Nhandu Chromatus post-moult

    Nhandu Chromatus post-moult

    (Sorry for glare) My little N Chromatus xx Now about 9cm-ish, if I'd have known I'd have removed the moult quicker to sex it but it got there before I did :') xx
  9. Avic Post Moult

    Avic Post Moult

    My beautiful a.avic, moutled a week ago now in his adult enclosure to grow into. Little bit annoyed it was sold to me as a young female but turned out to be male, but what can you do, he's still beautiful x
  10. Nhandu Tripepii

    Nhandu Tripepii

    My lovely tripepii 8 days post moult, looking beautiful now reaching about 11cm. Also yes there was a hide on her burrow but she wasn't hungry so went on a locust rescue mission :') xx
  11. Avicularia sp Colombia sling

    Avicularia sp Colombia sling

    post molt
  12. Avicularia sp Colombia sling

    Avicularia sp Colombia sling

    post molt
  13. Neoholothele incei "gold"

    Neoholothele incei "gold"

    post molt
  14. Brachypelma smithi sling

    Brachypelma smithi sling

    Timothy, 1 day after moulting.
  15. A. seemani

    A. seemani

    A. seemani, adult female, 5", 2 days post-moult.