1. Gotta love blue

    Gotta love blue

    My D. diamantinensis about 1.5". molted last week and is out looking for food. She is a beauty!
  2. B. Hamorii Sling post moult

    B. Hamorii Sling post moult

    Came out blurry but still cute. My little Hamorii sling after his moult. I'm so so happy to see he's starting to get a bit of colour! Absolutely adorable xx
  3. Freshly Molted... H. pulchripes

    Freshly Molted... H. pulchripes

    Was about 1.5 inch dls.
  4. 0.0.1 C. versicolor

    0.0.1 C. versicolor

    Unsexed C. versicolor sling post-molt.
  5. 0.1 L. parahybana

    0.1 L. parahybana

    Post-molt pic of my female Lasiodora parahybana who molted this morning 5/26/18
  6. 0.1 B. albopilosum

    0.1 B. albopilosum

    B. albo female molted this morning
  7. 0.1 A. ezendami

    0.1 A. ezendami

    Female ~2.5" Augacephalus ezendami or "Mozambique Baboon".
  8. P. Irminia

    P. Irminia

    Freshly molted P. Irminia. Maybe an inch and a half now, going to try sexing with the microscope if its molt isn't mangled.