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  1. H.macq rehoused

    H.macq rehoused

    'Tis the season of rehousing here, and many of my specimens that have outgrown their enclosures are getting new ones, mold replacements or simply a setup better suited to their behavioural needs. The larger of my 2 H.Macquariensis girls got her new setup today as well
  2. She quicc (GIF)

    She quicc (GIF)

    H.Macqariensis be quicc. She also be slicc
  3. Death Nectar - H.Macquariensis

    Death Nectar - H.Macquariensis

    Self explanatory. Not happy about getting a larger enclosure
  4. 0.1 H.Macquariensis

    0.1 H.Macquariensis

    Out for a second cricket
  5. Deadly feeding gif (H.Macq)

    Deadly feeding gif (H.Macq)

    My newest Macquariensis is very enthusiastic about feeding time
  6. Hug time with H.Macq.

    Hug time with H.Macq.

    Hadronyche Macquariensis MM. You can see the fangs dripping with venom