poecilotheria regalis

  1. Poecilotheria regalis

    Poecilotheria regalis

  2. P. regalis 4 inch

    P. regalis 4 inch

    P. regalis ventral sexing.This is the first molt with me with and it destroyed it. Any guesses on sex? Thanks.
  3. 0.1 poecilotheria Regalis 6"

    0.1 poecilotheria Regalis 6"

    After moult 2 hour and my T hang out.
  4. Poecilotheria Regalis

    Poecilotheria Regalis

    2 cm sling booty shot lil
  5. P. regalis

    P. regalis

    My girl Velka enjoying a couple crix for dinner. I love the purple blushing.
  6. regalis


  7. another successful regalis sac

    another successful regalis sac

  8. P. Regalis sling

    P. Regalis sling

    Can mods add this to the collection for sexing I just posted. I dont know how to add multiple.
  9. Need help finding sex

    Need help finding sex

    Cant seem to find anything on this sling, any help?
  10. Need a gender ID, molt was mangled

    Need a gender ID, molt was mangled

    P. regalis juvie ~2.5-3" DLS
  11. P regalis wants a hug

    P regalis wants a hug

    I just want to rehouse him/her. Sigh.
  12. P. regalis

    P. regalis

    Another picture of this beautiful girl. Wish those bromeliads didnt die, but it was poor placement on my part. Oh well, she doesnt seem to mind.
  13. P. regalis

    P. regalis

    First time I've seen this piece of pet cork out and about in 6 months. Molted a little over a month ago and still showing such gorgeous hues and highlights.
  14. Poecilotheria regalis

    Poecilotheria regalis

    Poecilotheria regalis. Male or Female? It's to small?
  15. P.regalis


    7' female.
  16. Poecilotheria regalis 1.75"

    Poecilotheria regalis 1.75"

    This is "Lady" my P.regalis. Anyone able to assist me in telling if she's a lady for real?
  17. P. regalis

    P. regalis

    She’s out and about so yeah I had to take another photo. I’ll calm down I swear. heh
  18. P Regalis

    P Regalis

    Can these gray eggs from my P. Regalis still be saved or be alive? pls help
  19. 2.5" Poecilotheria regalis [molt sexing]

    2.5" Poecilotheria regalis [molt sexing]

    2.5" p regalis, bought labeled as a female. Just double checking!
  20. Saving Bad Poecilotheria regalis Eggs?

    Saving Bad Poecilotheria regalis Eggs?

    How can these bad (gray) eggs survive?? Do they immediately die or they still have a slight chance of survival?