poecilotheria regalis

  1. P. regalis

    P. regalis

    Male or female? Approximately 4 inch spider.
  2. P.regalis


  3. P. regalis

    P. regalis

    Thoughts? Molt is right around 3"
  4. Regalis


    She always looks like she's lost in thought. Velka, 5 1/2-6" female P. regalis
  5. Poecilotheria Regalis

    Poecilotheria Regalis

    Male or female? 11cm leg span
  6. Juvie P regalis

    Juvie P regalis

    Abdomen a bit mangled but can anyone tell the sex? This is from a 3" P. regalis. Thank you guys.
  7. Regalis Ventral

    Regalis Ventral

    Hello all, This is my 4" juvenile P. regalis! Not super great at ventrally sexing pokies just yet, and would appreciate the help. Also, could you please tell me why you predicted male or female? Thank you much! P.S. Already got feedback from some, but my old post was taken down for some reason.
  8. P.regalis


    My largest female, around 7'' DLS. My other girl is just a little smaller.
  9. Male P. regalis?!

    Male P. regalis?!

    So right after my male B. hamorii matures into a lady, my female P. regalis turns out to be a guy?! The molt is hidden but this pokie must be male, right? The colors are suddenly so muted... Are they mature or will there be a further obvious sign when they are?
  10. P. regalis male or female?

    P. regalis male or female?

  11. Poecilotheria regalis: Ventral

    Poecilotheria regalis: Ventral

    P. regalis sex? Please help!!!!
  12. P. Regalis

    P. Regalis

    Female or Male? Please
  13. Trying to sex p. regalis thanks

    Trying to sex p. regalis thanks

  14. P regalis. m or f please help

    P regalis. m or f please help

  15. P. regalis

    P. regalis

    P. regalis - I think male
  16. P. Regalis

    P. Regalis

    The queen....... Not even fully stretched.......
  17. P.regalis


    Male or female? It looks female via dorsal
  18. Poecilotheria regalis

    Poecilotheria regalis

    Poecilotheria regalis, i think male but can i get confirmation?
  19. I made a mistake...

    I made a mistake...

    I think... I hadn't seen her in a while and I just kept feeding her. Now this is the fattest juvenile Pokie I've ever had and I've seen in quite a while... P. regalis, 4" juvenile.
  20. P. Regalis

    P. Regalis

    Would you guys say male or female on this P. regalis?