pinktoe tarantula

  1. A. Avic

    A. Avic

    Having a hard time figuring how to sex. This one is 5"-5.5" and has molted twice in my care while at 4" and higher. Not hooked has me thinking female but I don't think I see lady on this one and admittedly am not good at seeing the differences in the sexing from one to another in the sexing gallery
  2. 0.1 A. sp. Kwitara

    0.1 A. sp. Kwitara

    Freshly molted Avicularia sp. Kwitara confirmed female. Approximately 3" maybe bigger, I haven't seen her stretched out yet.
  3. A. Avicularia

    A. Avicularia

  4. A. Avic 6

    A. Avic 6

    4 inches. Hasnt molted in my care.
  5. A. avicularia "Morphotype 6"

    A. avicularia "Morphotype 6"

    Curious as to what you all think? I think female but I have been wrong in the past.
  6. A. avic

    A. avic

    Still pretty new to keeping my spider so I’m not too sure how to tell or if you can tell. I’m suspecting the spider is 1-2 years old, but that’s a guess. I got them at a pet store that didn’t know anything about them.
  7. A. Avicularia

    A. Avicularia

    It's "on top of the world".
  8. 3.5" Avic sexing (molt)

    3.5" Avic sexing (molt)

    About 3.5", this is their first molt with me
  9. Avicularia avicularia

    Avicularia avicularia

    2.5 inch avicularia avicularia
  10. Avicularia avicularia [ventral sexing]

    Avicularia avicularia [ventral sexing]

    Any ideas? A avicularia
  11. A. Avic. m6 #2

    A. Avic. m6 #2

    Growing nicely!
  12. A. Avic m6 #1

    A. Avic m6 #1

    Sensing a molt coming soon. Heavy webbing all of a sudden and setae starting to thin on abdomen.
  13. Sex my T?

    Sex my T?

    Avic avic with a 4inch molt.
  14. Avic avic

    Avic avic

    Hey all, trying to sex my new Avicularia avicularia molt. I’m thinking it’s a male. L/S is about 3.5 in. I’ve only had it 2 months. Any help is appreciated.
  15. Avicularia avicularia [ventral sexing]

    Avicularia avicularia [ventral sexing]

    Just bought an a. avicularia and am unsure about the gender. Any help?
  16. Bolus roller

    Bolus roller

    A.Avic M1 with leftovers
  17. Need sexed please

    Need sexed please

  18. 6" A. Avic [2/2]

    6" A. Avic [2/2]

  19. 6" A. Avic [1/2]

    6" A. Avic [1/2]

  20. A.Avic 1

    A.Avic 1

    Better pic of my Avic