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  1. 4" Pelinobius muticus [ventral sexing]

    4" Pelinobius muticus [ventral sexing]

    King baboon tarantula. Reaching 4 inches in size. Is it possible to sex? I never seen the molts.... Would love to examine a molt if it would ever show it!
  2. Pelinobius muticus.

    Pelinobius muticus.

  3. Pelinobius muticus [ventral sexing]

    Pelinobius muticus [ventral sexing]

    Hi there I am a new arachnoboards member and I am wondering if my pelinobius muticus is a male or a female. I am not very experienced in ventral sexing tarantulas and I am also impatient to wait for a molt.
  4. KBT almost 2 inch

    KBT almost 2 inch

    male or female?
  5. Pelinobius muticus

    Pelinobius muticus

    New suit for Quake but this is about as much as you'll get to see of it.
  6. Warning !!!

    Warning !!!

    Don't mess with the elusive King .......
  7. P. muticus (KBT)

    P. muticus (KBT)

    Any idea of his/her gender? Size is around 3 inches. Could've gendered through molt but its always mangled before I got it.
  8. Pelinobius muticus

    Pelinobius muticus

    Freshly molted 5 inch female. Hail to the king(queen)
  9. Pelinobius muticus Sub-Adult Female

    Pelinobius muticus Sub-Adult Female

    She took food for the first time in a month today
  10. Pelinobius muticus

    Pelinobius muticus

    3 1/2" Female?
  11. Male or female P muticus?

    Male or female P muticus?

    P Muticus
  12. 1.5" DLS P Muticus

    1.5" DLS P Muticus

  13. King Baboon showing fangs

    King Baboon showing fangs

    Look at the extra long fangs on this species. Longer than most Ts that I have.
  14. This is Roach

    This is Roach

    I had to rehouse Roach and figured I may as well take some glamour shots while I have it out of the enclosure.
  15. Pelinobius


    Rare times I see him out,literally ran back in hole moment after I took this.
  16. P.muticus


    A large container of dirt that really does contain a tarantula, I promise.
  17. Queen


    One of my all time favourites. Beautiful, brown, and mean.
  18. Pelinobius muticus Sling

    Pelinobius muticus Sling

    Pelinobius Muticus sling at work
  19. Male P.muticus making a rare appearance from below.

    Male P.muticus making a rare appearance from below.

  20. Almost has a see through abdoman

    Almost has a see through abdoman

    This p. Muticus is brave and tiny. Very bold and never seems to grow.