1. P.regius female

    P.regius female

  2. P.regius eggs

    P.regius eggs

  3. phidippus sp. surprise!

    phidippus sp. surprise!

    Always wanted one, and opened up one of my terrariums and this little guy popped out having taken up residence!
  4. 3D Jumping Spider Male

    3D Jumping Spider Male

    3D Jumping Spider Male
  5. Phidippus regius

    Phidippus regius

    It's Christmas eve in my neck of the woods. I wanna take the time to wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas/holidays -- Party hard! ✨
  6. Klaus


    I can't wait til this lil dude grows P. regius
  7. Christmas Jumper LOL

    Christmas Jumper LOL

  8. Phidippus sp., mature female.

    Phidippus sp., mature female.

    The one and only jumping spider I´ve kept in my collection, I had her for around 5 days so I could take some shots and then realesed her where I found her in my backyard.
  9. Female Phiddipus Johnsoni

    Female Phiddipus Johnsoni

    Found her starving in a friend’s house.
  10. Pumpkin Butt (P Regius)

    Pumpkin Butt (P Regius)

    P Regius female (Regal jumping spider)
  11. a Halloween Pumpkin

    a Halloween Pumpkin

    My subadult female p. Regius called pumpkin
  12. Giant meal

    Giant meal

    P. Adumbratus they fed on this green bottle fly for about 7 hours.
  13. Little helper

    Little helper

    Sub adult female P Regius
  14. Rehouse


    P. Regius subadult female rehouse
  15. Handstand webbing

    Handstand webbing

    Female subadult phidippus Regius making a new hammock
  16. First Green bottle fly

    First Green bottle fly

    P. Adumbratus having their first green bottle fly
  17. They went that way

    They went that way

    P. Adumbratus sling this one is more sandy brown coloured than my other. Still unsure on genders yet.
  18. P. Adumbratus fresh out of molt

    P. Adumbratus fresh out of molt

    One of my Adumbratus showing their face after being in molt for over a week.
  19. P. Regius female just molted to orange phase

    P. Regius female just molted to orange phase

    This little one molted in the open so I was able to watch her, she’s in her orange phase ready for Halloween including what looks like a pumpkin on her butt.
  20. What you doing hooman

    What you doing hooman

    P Adumbratus sling being nosey