pandercetes gracilis

  1. Pandercetes Gracilis AF

    Pandercetes Gracilis AF

    The smallest species of huntsman in the world with an adult legspan of only 1", and also the only true spider in my collection
  2. I was wrong

    I was wrong

    My P.Gracilis is actually, most definitely female. After her recent molt, I could have sworn she looked like she had bulbs on he pedipalps but it must have been a trick of the light.
  3. MM P.Gracilis

    MM P.Gracilis

    Here he is up close
  4. My P.Gracilis is actually a dude

    My P.Gracilis is actually a dude

    Looks like I'll be releasing him soon
  5. P.Gracilis


    She doing fine
  6. Pandercetes Gracilis WCF

    Pandercetes Gracilis WCF

    White colour form from NSW
  7. Lichen huntsman feeding

    Lichen huntsman feeding

    She seems to be enjoying pinheads
  8. P. Gracilis

    P. Gracilis

    Freshly moulted Lichen huntsman sling, legspan approx 9-10mm. Pandercetes gracilis.