1. Goliath

    Species Omothymus schioedtei (ex Cyriopagopus schioedtei)

    Just molted the other day, ~4" female, she is still not in the best mood though, but still nice lookin! :D Mike
  2. Ornithoctoninae sp. "Rufus"

    Ornithoctoninae sp. "Rufus"

    New suit for Inferno.
  3. Ornithoctoninae Sp. Titiwangsa (Haplopelma robustum of hobby market)

    Ornithoctoninae Sp. Titiwangsa (Haplopelma robustum of hobby market)

    Actually, this species of Malay Peninsula distinguished from genus 'Cyriopagopus' of mainland of Southeast Asia and China by having divided spermatheca and almost 10 stridulating setae. Also, the features show this species have close relationship with 'Haplopelma doriae group' of Borneo.
  4. Unlabeled T's Part 2

    Unlabeled T's Part 2

    I uploaded a Pic from this one before, but it was blurry. What species do you think this one is? (juvenile).One of the staff told me it's probably H.Gigas but i want your experience.Its abdomen looks like a Tiger's . Good luck :D
  5. Nightstalker47

    Ornithoctoninae care and info

    Relevant genera: Phormingochilus Lampropelma Cyriopagopus Ornithoctonus Cytharognathus This thread will cover the care for all species and genera in the Ornithoctoninae subfamily. These spiders are commonly referred to as “Earth Tigers” due to their burrowing tendencies and striped...
  6. Ornithoctoninae sp. Mindanao "central"

    Ornithoctoninae sp. Mindanao "central"

    0.1 Ornithoctoninae sp. Mindanao "central"
  7. Ornithoctoninae sp. "Prison des Abeilles"

    Ornithoctoninae sp. "Prison des Abeilles"

    Juvenile (Laos)
  8. Haplopelma robustum

    Haplopelma robustum

  9. Grail Haplopelma

    Grail Haplopelma

    Haplopelma robustum
  10. unidentified asian dwarf T

    unidentified asian dwarf T

    Purchased unID'd any ideas? Shes at 3", hasn't molted in close to 5 months. She's kept at 80°f and 75%humidity
  11. Haplopelma lividum

    Haplopelma lividum