1. P.ornata at 3"

    P.ornata at 3"

    Whatcha think? Do I have a miss or a mister?
  2. P.ornata 3" (Normal Flash, without edits) Sex me please

    P.ornata 3" (Normal Flash, without edits) Sex me please

    Help me sex this P.ornata please :( getting confused on how he/she looks like right now
  3. P.ornata 3", male or female?

    P.ornata 3", male or female?

    Getting confused about this ornata, a lot :( help me sex him/her
  4. P. ornata

    P. ornata

    Had to take this through dirty glass unfortunately, opening the enclosure would send her bolting back down her log.
  5. P. ornata

    P. ornata

    Spooky legs in the hidey hole
  6. Dorsal sexing P. ornata 3"

    Dorsal sexing P. ornata 3"

    Whatcha guys think? Do I have a dude or a dudette?
  7. Poecilotheria


    If you don't know which species has red padipalps, I don't know you.
  8. Poecilothera ornata

    Poecilothera ornata

    Recently moulted -- Juvenile female -- Specimen courtesy of a friend.
  9. Poe. Ornata 3"

    Poe. Ornata 3"

    Another poe ornata, 3", and again, guessing a male
  10. Poecilotheria ornata 1.75"

    Poecilotheria ornata 1.75"

    This is "Princess Snu Snu" the P.ornata. No matter what sex they wind up, I'm keeping the name. But it's important to know whether I'm using it to annoy either my Conservative or my Liberal friends. Thanks for any help!
  11. Poe.Ornata


    Hi all, im new to Ts sexing, this is my Poe. Ornata 2". Any ideas for its sex so i can go ahead with a name? Thank you!
  12. P. Ornata Post-Molt Feeding

    P. Ornata Post-Molt Feeding

    1-week post-molt feeding. Approximately 2.75'' unsexed.
  13. P. ornata

    P. ornata

    My ornata in its new enclosure^^
  14. Rufilata?


    What's the one pokie that people confuse with rufilata? Bonus points if you know how to tell between them..
  15. P. ornata My Dream T.

    P. ornata My Dream T.

    Finally after forever since the regulations, I finally got one. But I ventral sex it to be a suspect male (my terrible luck). But at least I got one, it's around 2.5''-2.75''. Still waiting for 3'' to show sexual dimorphism.
  16. P. ornata

    P. ornata

  17. P.Ornata 1

    P.Ornata 1

    dorsal view
  18. P.Ornata 1 1.25"

    P.Ornata 1 1.25"

    i'm not good at this and this isn't the best pic but i don't see a spot so i'm leaning female
  19. P.Ornata 2 1.25"

    P.Ornata 2 1.25"

    dorsal view
  20. P.ornata sling.

    P.ornata sling.

    Kicked its molt out of dirt curtain. Both of mine have molted now and they just keep getting better and better looking. Can't wait for them to get big.