nhandu vulpinus

  1. MM tripepii

    MM tripepii

  2. BB the big beast

    BB the big beast

  3. Nhandu tripepii

    Nhandu tripepii

    Shes around 5" now and should be molting again soon. Great growth rates with this sp.
  4. Nhandu tripepii

    Nhandu tripepii

  5. N. Tripepii

    N. Tripepii

    Freshly molted. Pushing 3.5inch
  6. N.Tripepii 1

    N.Tripepii 1

    N. Tripepii
  7. N.Tripepii 1

    N.Tripepii 1

  8. N Tripepii 2 inch

    N Tripepii 2 inch

    Any help with whether male or female please?
  9. Little Tripepii

    Little Tripepii

  10. Nhandu tripepii

    Nhandu tripepii

    Freshly moulted sling
  11. Fluff


  12. Tripepii<3


  13. Nhandu tripepii

    Nhandu tripepii

    New arrival
  14. Nhandu tripepii

    Nhandu tripepii

    Growing fast
  15. N. tripepii

    N. tripepii

  16. Peekaboo!


    My Nhandu Tripepii playing peekaboo :') Least I got to test my new phone camera so thanks Blondi x
  17. Nhandu Tripepii Juv

    Nhandu Tripepii Juv

    My female tripepii 1 week post moult, looking absolutely stunning. This is actually my largest T so far, she's around 12cm roughly (all others are juvies), at what size should I start classifying her as a sub adult?
  18. N tripepii 0.1

    N tripepii 0.1

    Freshly molted
  19. Double Checking

    Double Checking

    Nhandu Tripepii juvenile, pretty sure female but always good to double check (still inexperienced) xx
  20. N.tripepii. 2.5 inch DLS

    N.tripepii. 2.5 inch DLS

    New addition today