nhandu vulpinus

  1. 0.1 Nhandu tripepii

    0.1 Nhandu tripepii

    Eclipse moulted and is now a confirmed female
  2. Nhandu tripepii [ventral sexing]

    Nhandu tripepii [ventral sexing]

    Nhandu tripepii roughly 4 inches dls
  3. Nhandu tripepii [ventral sexing]

    Nhandu tripepii [ventral sexing]

    mal e or female ?
  4. Nhandu Tripepii

    Nhandu Tripepii

    Fast little guy wouldnt stay still for a picture lol
  5. 0.1 N. tripepii

    0.1 N. tripepii

    6" female N. tripepii.
  6. Big girl freshly molted

    Big girl freshly molted

  7. MM tripepii

    MM tripepii

  8. N. Tripepii 4in

    N. Tripepii 4in

    I guess male. What do you guys think
  9. Nhandu Tripepii

    Nhandu Tripepii

    Nhandu Tripepii 3 inches. Any ideas?
  10. Unknown t

    Unknown t

    Hi, i aquired 3 t's and from whome i got them does not know what they are, i will post the other 2 also, if you could give me an idea of what they might be... thanks in advance
  11. .....


  12. N. tripepii male (Charles Barkley)

    N. tripepii male (Charles Barkley)

  13. tripeppii female

    tripeppii female

  14. MM Tripepii

    MM Tripepii

    His last left leg touches almost the bin
  15. A T eating a T for tea

    A T eating a T for tea

    0.1 Theraphosa stirmi Eating Nhandu tripepii
  16. MM tripepii

    MM tripepii

  17. BB the big beast

    BB the big beast

  18. Nhandu tripepii

    Nhandu tripepii

    Shes around 5" now and should be molting again soon. Great growth rates with this sp.
  19. Nhandu tripepii

    Nhandu tripepii

  20. N. Tripepii

    N. Tripepii

    Freshly molted. Pushing 3.5inch