nhandu tripepii

  1. tripeppii


    one of the nastier species i keep...easily the most defensive and skittish Nhandu IME
  2. Baby nhandu

    Baby nhandu

    one of my two Nhandu tripepii
  3. Pink Fuzzball

    Pink Fuzzball

    Fresh molted juvie female N.tripepii.
  4. Nhandu Tripepii

    Nhandu Tripepii

    My lovely tripepii 8 days post moult, looking beautiful now reaching about 11cm. Also yes there was a hide on her burrow but she wasn't hungry so went on a locust rescue mission :') xx
  5. N.tripepii (Male)

    N.tripepii (Male)

    Can someone please help me sex my T. Thanks :)
  6. Reupload


    Sorry about the last pic I didn't realise it was small. This is the only other pic I can get my phone is BAD and I don't own a camera. Couldn't find an obvious flap on my N.Tripepii but this is my first time sexing a moult so second opinions would be nice
  7. Question about Tripepii

    Question about Tripepii

    So what was sold to me as a juvenile female N.Tripepii I think has turned out to be male (first time sexing a moult but 90% sure it's male), just a question of any male Tripepii owners of how big their leg span can reach? All information I've found is on females x
  8. 0.1 Nhandu tripepii

    0.1 Nhandu tripepii

  9. N.Tripepii


    Juvenile Nhandu Tripepii. Pretty little thing, fairly calm x
  10. New Enclosure

    New Enclosure

    New enclosure for my Nhandu Tripepii, this juvenile is a big fan of wandering around almost constantly so I gave her a slightly bigger enclosure x
  11. Freshly molted tripepii

    Freshly molted tripepii

  12. N.tripepii


    Young female.
  13. 0.0.1 N. tripepii

    0.0.1 N. tripepii

    My freebie from my most recent order, a ~1" N. tripepii sling. This is my first Nhandu, despite my repeated eyeballing of the chromatus. I've named it Puppy, excited to see it turn into a strawberry blonde fluff ball!
  14. N.tripepii


    3" female.