1. Glitterin' Gold

    Glitterin' Gold

    Every time I see this girl I'm reminded why I'm so smitten with her and this species as a whole. 0.1.0 N. incei (Gold color form)
  2. N. incei "Olive"

    N. incei "Olive"

    One of the three of my gold girl's offspring. She's the smallest and is on a molt cycle 2 weeks behind her brother and sister. Still growing like weeds though. :)
  3. Lost in the Sauce

    Lost in the Sauce

    Nugget is a dingus and forgets where her water dish is, so she tends to get a little enthusiastic when I top it off and she finds it again. Too cute.
  4. Golden Girl

    Golden Girl

    Nugget is surprisingly chill for her species, and frequently lets me get some glamour shots when bribed with crickets. 0.1.0 Neoholothele incei "Gold"
  5. Freshly Moulted Neoholothele incei Adult Female

    Freshly Moulted Neoholothele incei Adult Female

  6. Golden Year

    Golden Year

    Minimus, N. incei "Gold" MM. The father of my first ever egg sac. He matured in May of 2019, and while he's noticeably slowed down (mostly in that he's less skittish/bolty and not as voracious when it comes to food), he's still been going steady. Rugged little man. <3
  7. 0.1 Neoholothele incei

    0.1 Neoholothele incei

    Jade rocking her new suit
  8. 0.1 Neoholothele incei

    0.1 Neoholothele incei

    3" female.
  9. Incei


  10. 0.1 H. incei

    0.1 H. incei

    Not the best shot but still visible, approx 2-2.5” dls
  11. 0.1 N. incei

    0.1 N. incei

    Neoholothele incei mature female.
  12. neoholothele incei gold form

    neoholothele incei gold form

  13. Juvie N. incei

    Juvie N. incei

    lovely lil dudes
  14. Neoholothele incei, juvenile female

    Neoholothele incei, juvenile female

    Another dwarf beauty. Although she's very skittish and prone to run like hell hahahahaha
  15. Neoholothele incei Adult Female

    Neoholothele incei Adult Female

  16. Neoholothele incei

    Neoholothele incei

    She's a little blurry , and a bit chubby but she's still a beauty. I shall feed her a bit less, I just end up giving her pretty big Dubias for her size because she's so ferocious.
  17. Neo


    Always a delight to catch this one out <3
  18. Crazy Legs (♀ Neoholothele incei 2.5")

    Crazy Legs (♀ Neoholothele incei 2.5")

    She is very skittish, so the only photos I can ever get are through plastic.
  19. Neoholothele incei ‘Gold’ 2” Molt.

    Neoholothele incei ‘Gold’ 2” Molt.

    I’m pretty sure this is a female but just wanted to get other opinions to make sure. Thanks
  20. 0.1 N. incei gold

    0.1 N. incei gold

    Probably about 2” DLS But there weren't any legs left to measure so could be off a bit...