1. Stanwellia sp. Spotted Trapdoor

    Stanwellia sp. Spotted Trapdoor

    This is my sling, decided to rehouse it into a more appropriate setup for my bedside table
  2. I'll Never Stop (Namea Salanitri)

    I'll Never Stop (Namea Salanitri)

    Yet another trapdoor and another genus has arrived at my doorstep. The trapdoor collection is neverending >:D
  3. Aname sp. "Resonant Gold"

    Aname sp. "Resonant Gold"

    One of my Golden Wishbone Spiders. Once again this is a troll species name until I finally work out what it is. It is unrelated to my username, it's just that by slightly moving the camera it makes look like the shine resonates across the spider and idk :P
  4. Polkadot Trapdoor sling (Stanwellia sp.)

    Polkadot Trapdoor sling (Stanwellia sp.)

    Trolled by originally choosing my starter burrow in the perfect spot but this morning it had moved into messy bundle of spagnum moss
  5. More Trapdoor Madness! Stanwellia sp.

    More Trapdoor Madness! Stanwellia sp.

    ANOTHER new genus to the collection, stanwellia AKA the polkadot trapdoor! This is only a 10mm long sling and it already has the dots
  6. Golden Wishbone Trapdoor under light (Aname sp.)

    Golden Wishbone Trapdoor under light (Aname sp.)

    And this is where the gold comes in. Photo quality is a bit dark but can promise it's alot more yellow shine IRL
  7. Golden Wishbone Trapdoor (Aname sp.)

    Golden Wishbone Trapdoor (Aname sp.)

    1 of my 2 brand new and spectacularly shiny wishbone spiders. They are called this due to their "Y" shaped burrow structure with 2 entrances, looking like a wishbone from the side. They have very elongated fangs.
  8. Acanthogonatus francki

    Acanthogonatus francki

    Nemesiidae (wishbone spider) - Acanthogonatus francki, sub-adult female
  9. A. francki

    A. francki

    Chilean gold dust spider. 3 inch... I haven't found much info on this spider. I'm not a impulse buyer normally, but the pattern and colors were super cool to me.
  10. Damarchus


    An adult male Damarchus sp. from Malaysia.