1. Rachias sp.

    Rachias sp.

  2. Aname sp. Gold

    Aname sp. Gold

    Still on her favourite piece of cork bark
  3. Nemesiidae


  4. Aname sp. Gold

    Aname sp. Gold

    Always the #1 shiny girl
  5. Namea Salanitri

    Namea Salanitri

    A beyond underrated species that occasionally pops up for sale in summer. Have hardly seen her since February and she's pretty recently molted
  6. Shiny girl #1

    Shiny girl #1

    Definitely the best girl in my whole collection. Aname sp. Gold, currently unidentified
  7. Another shiny girl #2

    Another shiny girl #2

    Aname sp. Gold
  8. Another shiny girl

    Another shiny girl

    Aname sp. Gold (damn you autocorrect, it's not ANIME!) She does not often come outside to show off but here she is
  9. MM Ixamatus sp. Coramba

    MM Ixamatus sp. Coramba

    Another unidentified one from the same location as I.Webbae. This specimen lacks the tibial megaspine that I.Webbae has so can't be considered the same. Could also be A.Iminica
  10. Ixamatus Webbae MM

    Ixamatus Webbae MM

    This legend has been going for ages and looks healthier everyday
  11. Post-molt Golden Wishbone

    Post-molt Golden Wishbone

    Now she's had some time to harden, her golden shine is a sight to behold
  12. Ixamatus Webbae

    Ixamatus Webbae

    Finally got an ID on these males, and allegedly they are very uncommon. I have no idea what the females look like, but I hope to find one some day
  13. Aname sp. Resonant Gold freshly molted

    Aname sp. Resonant Gold freshly molted

    My last remaining female had a surprise for me. I'm considering melting down the molt and casting it into an electrum ingot
  14. Until next time

    Until next time

    One last pic of my beautiful, magnificent, stunning Aname sp. golden wishbone before she passes. Have no clue what has suddenly triggered her demise, but as the prized jewel of my collection, she's gonna be damn well missed.
  15. Xamiatus Ilara MM feeding gif

    Xamiatus Ilara MM feeding gif

    Probably the only time you will ever see somebody post this genus again
  16. Aname sp. Resonant Gold

    Aname sp. Resonant Gold

    Still the troll nickname while I work out the specific species
  17. Wishbone spider feeding

    Wishbone spider feeding

    Previously thought to be an MM tube web spider, it's now become apparent it is actually a wishbone spider
  18. Xamiatus Ilara MM

    Xamiatus Ilara MM

    What I previously thought was an unknown species of Barychelidae turns out to be an MM of one of the rarest spiders in Australia
  19. World's angriest spooder

    World's angriest spooder

    Namea Salanitri doing its best to scare me off without flipping upside down
  20. Aname sp. "Resonant Gold" mystery continues

    Aname sp. "Resonant Gold" mystery continues

    Still have literally no idea on the true species name, I'm almost think a new species at this point