1. Namea sp. Tambourine "Black"

    Namea sp. Tambourine "Black"

    She has made quite the impressive funnel entry
  2. Calisoga theveneti

    Calisoga theveneti

    so metallic that the glare is messing with my camera. This high-altitude species is only found in the sierras
  3. Hermacha cf. itatiayae.

    Hermacha cf. itatiayae.

  4. Aname sp. Gold

    Aname sp. Gold

    Yukinoshita munching under her prized cork bark
  5. Calisoga theveneti

    Calisoga theveneti

    imm. Female
  6. Calisoga theveneti

    Calisoga theveneti

    Only found in the high sierras
  7. Namea Salanitri AF

    Namea Salanitri AF

    So after alot or confusion and revision, I now have the following species: Namea Salanitri, Mallee and sp. Tambourine"Black". The recent specimen sent to me that was incorrect and thought to be Salanitri was, in fact, sp. Mallee
  8. Aname sp. Gold

    Aname sp. Gold

    Yukinoshita posing on her favourite piece of cork bark
  9. N. salanitri

    N. salanitri

  10. N.Salanitri care update

    N.Salanitri care update

    She's finally putting on a bit of weight in her abdomen, she can only eat 2 small crickets per day or else appears to run out of digestive fluids. Slowly becoming more adventurous
  11. Namea Salanitri

    Namea Salanitri

    Wrong species I ordered and in terrible shape. Never had a specimen so eager for food just minutes after unboxing. I've had the good experiences with The Insectory before they put up their website so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say this is probably a one off
  12. Shiny girl #1

    Shiny girl #1

    Not impressed with the misting action
  13. Wishbone spider sling

    Wishbone spider sling

    Unidentified but the spotted form means it is most likely another Stanwellia sp. The 5th addition from Nemesiidae to my collection
  14. Stanwellia sp. sling

    Stanwellia sp. sling

    4th addition from Nemesiidae
  15. Double time

    Double time

    Arbanitis sp. Wooli and Aname sp. Gold
  16. Namea Salanitri feeding

    Namea Salanitri feeding

    After months of trying it finally happened
  17. Stenoterommata sp.

    Stenoterommata sp.

    Other individual, freshly molted.
  18. Namea Salanitri

    Namea Salanitri

    Quickly becoming one of my favourite species
  19. Aname sp. Gold

    Aname sp. Gold

    Who doesn't love nemesiidae
  20. Stenoterommata sp.

    Stenoterommata sp.

    One of the most beautiful spiders I've ever seen.