1. Nemesiidae sp. FNQ

    Nemesiidae sp. FNQ

    Nemesiid from Far North Qld. Playing around with a macro lens attachment for my phone.
  2. Stanwellia sp. sling

    Stanwellia sp. sling

    Also rehoused due to a large mold outbreak
  3. Nemesiidae FNQ

    Nemesiidae FNQ

    Another little chocolate beauty who started living at my home today. A nice brown hue from FNQ.
  4. Calisoga longitarsis

    Calisoga longitarsis

    An actual common name doesnt exist so this spider is now the 'Platinum Trapdoor'. ...mainly because it's easier to say than 'the calistoga long-legged tube-web trapdoor spider'
  5. Stawellia sp.

    Stawellia sp.

    This little one (approximately 20mm body) was found under a rock, and returned hence, while bushwalking with my boys.
  6. Namea sp.

    Namea sp.

    Arrived two weeks late in the Express post male along with a deceased Eouplos sp.. She was looking weak with a tiny abdomen but is doing well now.
  7. Stanwellia hoggi

    Stanwellia hoggi

    1.3 cm juvie
  8. Namea Salanitri

    Namea Salanitri

    She's not out too often these days and pretty flighty, so it's hard to get photos this clear and close up. Expecting another molt in the next few months from this beauty
  9. Stanwellia sp. feeding #2

    Stanwellia sp. feeding #2

    My second species has also molted and gained some darker colouration
  10. Stanwellia sp. feeding

    Stanwellia sp. feeding

    My first sling has turned from pink and black to red and black after molting
  11. 24 hour redecoration

    24 hour redecoration

    In less than a single day, my Aname sp. Gold has unearthed a rediculous amount of substrate. Her plant is now in peril
  12. Aname sp. Gold

    Aname sp. Gold

    Her and her damn cork bark again
  13. Surprise escape artist

    Surprise escape artist

    Yuki (Aname sp. Gold) was outside as usual, wanting food. The moment she got her cricket, she launched off her bark and onto my hand. I will be much more careful managing her feeding now for her own safety
  14. My favourite feeding gif

    My favourite feeding gif

    Namea sp. Tambourine "Black". I haven't had any means of measuring her fangs yet, but 11mm chelicerae behind each fang is certainly aids this spider with double impaling its prey on the first bite. The ferocity and curiosity of this girl makes her way harder to manage than any of my Atracids
  15. Bark love

    Bark love

    Even in her new enclosure, Yukinoshita will not ditch her cork bark. At least I know for sure her unusual terrestrial behaviour is due to true love and not discontentment with her substrate
  16. Dance time, again

    Dance time, again

    Namea sp. Tambourine "Black" with 2 crickets under her huge fangs. Once her abdomen is proper size i have a suspicion she will be larger than my Aname sp. Gold
  17. Aname sp. Gold rehoused

    Aname sp. Gold rehoused

    Yukinoshita in her new setup, with a little added greenery. Time will tell if she will chew it up
  18. Touch of Midas

    Touch of Midas

    Yukinoshita (Aname sp. Gold) doing a stroll on the way to her new and hopefully permanent setup
  19. Yukinoshita


    Aname sp. Gold. She's getting rehoused today with better substrate that should hopefully make her feel more comfortable with digging. As much as I love seeing her outside, I feel it's mostly because she doesn't like her substrate and id rather her feel happy than me getting to see her more
  20. Namea sp. Tambourine "Black"

    Namea sp. Tambourine "Black"

    Outside her tunnel