mexican redrump tarantula

  1. 2.5 inch B. vagans

    2.5 inch B. vagans

    Male or female?
  2. Brachypelma vagans 0,1

    Brachypelma vagans 0,1

  3. Freshly molted b.vagans!

    Freshly molted b.vagans!

    I walked over to check on this guy/gal, lifted up their cork bark and bam. I practically had a heart attack from seeing the white legs. Really exiting to see my first T having molted!
  4. 1.0 Brachypelma vagans

    1.0 Brachypelma vagans

    Bishop stuffing his face.
  5. Suspected wound on Red Rump

    Suspected wound on Red Rump

    Any advice from anyone why this happened ? I did not disturb adult Red Rump.
  6. Brachypelma vagans

    Brachypelma vagans

    Showing off that butt.
  7. 0.1 B. vagans

    0.1 B. vagans

    4 inch DLS
  8. Brachypelma vagans 3.5" (approx.)

    Brachypelma vagans 3.5" (approx.)

    Got another one for you guys, this is Timid aka Tim. I'm not familiar with sexing at all, so thought I'd post a pic.
  9. Brachypelma Vagans (4cm)

    Brachypelma Vagans (4cm)

    Hope this one helps to know if its a boy or girl (the T looks red cause it's an edited picture to see the ventral better)
  10. First Tarantula!!

    First Tarantula!!

    This is my first ever tarantula (B.Vagans) and is a tiny sling. It already took a pinhead cricket and is digging a burrow in its new inclosure. I’m very happy to have snagged this at the pet expo.
  11. Young Brachypelma vagans sexing

    Young Brachypelma vagans sexing

    Is it possible to sex this one?
  12. Brachypelma Vagans

    Brachypelma Vagans

  13. Brachypelma Vagans

    Brachypelma Vagans

    Hi, could someone please help with this? Im still figuring out its sex, the T is about 4cm leg span (By the way, as you can see, it molted about 2 days ago and I couldn't check the molt cause it was damaged, so im barely touching the T and just holding it up very gentle and careful on the finger)
  14. Brachypelma Vagans

    Brachypelma Vagans

    Sorry I had no professional/good cam for this, I'm guessing it is a female, the spermathecae is clear but I want someone to confirm it is a female.
  15. B. vagans

    B. vagans

  16. B. vagans confirmed female

    B. vagans confirmed female

  17. Can I get a confirmation on this sex? Thinking Male.

    Can I get a confirmation on this sex? Thinking Male.

  18. Brachypelma vagans number 3

    Brachypelma vagans number 3

  19. Brachypelma vagans number 2

    Brachypelma vagans number 2

  20. Brachypelma vagans  number 1

    Brachypelma vagans number 1