mexican redknee tarantula

  1. B.hamorii


    Last molt was about 3 months ago, didn't know how to sex molt so I tossed it. Wondering if anyone can determine if it's M or F from this picture?
  2. B Hamorii

    B Hamorii

    Cant decide if it wants to go into the burrow. Perfect chance for a cheeky pic!
  3. 2" B. hamorii

    2" B. hamorii

    I'd say we have a tiny female here...what say you?
  4. Brachypelma hamorii

    Brachypelma hamorii

    Freshly moulted sling
  5. Brachypelma hamorii [ventral sexing]

    Brachypelma hamorii [ventral sexing]

    My B. Hamorii molted two weeks ago. It has fed since then so it's nice and plump. Today I noticed it briefly climbed on the glass as I changed its water, Anyhow I quickly snapped a few pics of its underbody before it climbed off. Your opinions on its sex will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. B. Hamorii molt sexing ??

    B. Hamorii molt sexing ??

    I have a B. Hamorii, approx 3-4” i think (i’m not the best with measurements). it’s my first t, and I really wanted to try and sex it myself :( can’t seem to find any hooks on the front legs, and I’m not 100% sure if there’s a flap on the abdomen. someone help me please
  7. Brachypelma Hamorii

    Brachypelma Hamorii

  8. Missy has a new dress!

    Missy has a new dress!

    My female B. hamorii moulted in the night to Sunday for the second time since I got her in September 2017 (she was my very first T). Her moult was 5", so she should be somewhere between 5" and 5 1/2" now. Beautiful girl! ♥
  9. 0.1 B. hamorii

    0.1 B. hamorii

    She almost destroyed the important part, but thankfully, I found her spermathecae. ;)
  10. sexing brachypelma hamorii

    sexing brachypelma hamorii

    it's small brachypelma hamorii Im thinking male . What do you guys think?
  11. Brachypelma hamorii

    Brachypelma hamorii

    About 2inches dls
  12. Brachypelma hamorii

    Brachypelma hamorii

  13. B. hamorii thinks she's a pokie

    B. hamorii thinks she's a pokie

    Caught my B. hamorii trying to channel her inner pokie.
  14. B. hamorii chillin'

    B. hamorii chillin'

    My B. hamorii Doris chilling on top of her hide.
  15. Red Knee sling

    Red Knee sling

    Awaiting for the next molt .....
  16. Brachypelma hamorii [ventral sexing]

    Brachypelma hamorii [ventral sexing]

    Red knee
  17. 0.1 Brachypelma hamorii

    0.1 Brachypelma hamorii

  18. 0.1 Brachypelma hamorii

    0.1 Brachypelma hamorii

  19. Brachypelma Hamorii

    Brachypelma Hamorii

    Male or female?
  20. Brachypelma hamorii

    Brachypelma hamorii

    Brachypelma hamorii molted for the first time. Now it's 3/4".Pumpkin is it's name