megaphobema robustum

  1. Boudicca just molted!

    Boudicca just molted!

    Just finished molting and now she/he is grooming. I wishbI could upload the video.
  2. Megaphobema Robustum Juvenile

    Megaphobema Robustum Juvenile

    Suspect Male
  3. Robustum


    just molted. Not a great pic but I wanted to show its colors off
  4. M. Robustum sexing

    M. Robustum sexing

    Grab the molt but the important part was missing. I'm thinking male.
  5. Megaphobema robustum

    Megaphobema robustum

    Megaphobema robustum
  6. Boudicca 1st Kill

    Boudicca 1st Kill

    My M. Robustom claiming it's first kill. Took down a dubia roach that weighed as must it does. If you look closely you can see the fang in the roach's back.
  7. Megaphobema robustum

    Megaphobema robustum

    Boudicca, our M. Robustum.
  8. M Robustum I

    M Robustum I

    Our newest addition. Tarantula number 4. Still needs a name.
  9. M. robustum

    M. robustum

  10. ID Request

    ID Request

    Can someone tell me what kind of tarantula this is?
  11. Megaphobema robustum - Female

    Megaphobema robustum - Female

    Megaphobema robustum - Female
  12. M. Robustum

    M. Robustum

    showing herself after 3 weeks
  13. Jeff23

    Megaphobema robustum Care and Characteristics

    Who owns a Megaphobema robustum that can share their knowledge about them? On my searches I found some individual comments where I want to gather accurate information. I own three slings and they seem to be doing fine. I love their appearance. I have read that this variety does not handle...
  14. M. robustum sexing

    M. robustum sexing

    I'm pretty darn sure I know what it is, but what do you all think?
  15. Megaphobema robustum handling

    Megaphobema robustum handling