mature male

  1. MM Acanthoscurria chacoana

    MM Acanthoscurria chacoana

    Kano rocking his final suit.
  2. Not So 'grossa' After All

    Not So 'grossa' After All

    How can this be? This is a Grammostola grossa mature male. How can he be mature at such a small size? This is ridiculous - he isn't that much bigger than my Homoeomma chilensis mature male. I thought I had a long time before this boy matured.
  3. Brachypelma hamorii MM

    Brachypelma hamorii MM

    My male B. hamorii molted night before last and he’s just stunning!
  4. M.M Grammostola Pulchripes

    M.M Grammostola Pulchripes

    Clyde's looking good in his new tux.
  5. The final map

    The final map

    Cornifer passed away sometime in the last few days. This legend just managed to make it passed 2 years of maturity, and got to produce a healthy sac of offspring. He was wrongly sexed and supposed to have been female, but i dont regret keeping him for a second. No more map making for this old man
  6. Adult male Darlingi

    Adult male Darlingi

    Smaller than I expected. Tibial hook already came out. Fast grower but not big in size.
  7. MM Ornithoctonus aureotibialis

    MM Ornithoctonus aureotibialis

    Witchfire rocking his final suit.
  8. Idiomatta Sp MM

    Idiomatta Sp MM

    Emboli and tibial hooks for mating. So freaking cool! @[126367:@RezonantVoid]
  9. Idiomatta Sp MM

    Idiomatta Sp MM

    What a beautiful boy! He ran onto me when I unboxed him and I was shaking. Never handled anything like that before and was not going to but I’m glad I did. He was so calm and gentle. @[126367:@RezonantVoid]
  10. MM A.Geniculata

    MM A.Geniculata

  11. MM A.Geniculata

    MM A.Geniculata

  12. MM A.Geniculata

    MM A.Geniculata

  13. Ephebopus murinus

    Ephebopus murinus

    MM 4inch DLS needs a female
  14. P.insignis_Ecuador_SA1.jpeg


    Pamphobeteus sp. "insignis' (Ecuador), sub-adult male
  15. Fangs of my adult male Vagan

    Fangs of my adult male Vagan

    It is dead due to old age. Planning to preserve it. It unsuccessfully failed to mate with the female after many attempts.
  16. Phlogius Eunice pairing

    Phlogius Eunice pairing

    First pairing went really well! Wish I got better pictures for educational purposes but I didn’t want that to take priority over my male surviving as I hope to pair him at least once more and then make him my first proper taxidermy project.
  17. MM T. albo

    MM T. albo

    Seven months mature, still making sperm webs, still eating, still a stunner.
  18. O. violaceopes

    O. violaceopes

    MM now cohabing with female. fingers crossed
  19. Mature Male S. calceatum?

    Mature Male S. calceatum?

  20. S. calceatum....mature male

    S. calceatum....mature male

    he's so...fluffy