1. 1.1 #2 Monocentropus balfouri Breeding

    1.1 #2 Monocentropus balfouri Breeding

    This is the 2nd female and she was very receptive towards my male, although I'm not sure if this male has any viable sperm left, he made some good insertions, so fingers cross.
  2. 1.1 O. schioedtei

    1.1 O. schioedtei

  3. Sensual Avicularia avicularia pairing

    Sensual Avicularia avicularia pairing

    Slidin’ down the enclosure wall for the palp on Valentine’s Day my dudes
  4. g pulchripes mating

    g pulchripes mating

  5. Caribena versicolor

    Caribena versicolor

    I thought this boy was passed his prime, but he surprised me with a sperm web last week. So, I thought I would give this pairing another try. My girl was far more receptive this time, so I am hoping the timing is better and this is successful.
  6. Avicularia avicularia M1 Sexy Time

    Avicularia avicularia M1 Sexy Time

    That awesome little dude was literally 1/4 of her size.
  7. Zebra isopods making love ;)

    Zebra isopods making love ;)

    They really do feel comfortable in their new bioactive enclosure, it seems. ;)
  8. A Case of Mistaken Identity

    A Case of Mistaken Identity

    One of my "Nigerian Delta Brown" millipedes seems awfully fond of my largest Spirostreptidae sp.8 ... ;) It didn't work out of course, but he gave it a good attempt. X'D
  9. 1.1 Tliltocatl albopilosus "Nicaragua"

    1.1 Tliltocatl albopilosus "Nicaragua"

    Some sweet, sweet spider love.
  10. Nhandu coloratovillosus pair

    Nhandu coloratovillosus pair

  11. 1.1 M. balfouri Breeding

    1.1 M. balfouri Breeding

  12. Caribena versicolor Pairing Acrobatics

    Caribena versicolor Pairing Acrobatics

    You have to admit that this is impressive... even for a tarantula. Caribena versicolor successful pairing. And yes, I was holding a catch cup under her in case she fell.
  13. pairing t blondi

    pairing t blondi

    T blondi ver paarung
  14. pairing t blondi

    pairing t blondi

    1st pairing t blondi (8th)molt female
  15. pairing t blondi

    pairing t blondi

    1st pairing t blondi 8molt female
  16. Homoeomma chilensis Successful Pairing

    Homoeomma chilensis Successful Pairing

    He made a couple of quick insertions, then came back and did a couple more longer ones. I really hope that was good enough. One female down and one to go.
  17. Phormingochilus sp. Rufus mating

    Phormingochilus sp. Rufus mating

  18. I. mira pairing

    I. mira pairing

  19. Paired 1st try

    Paired 1st try

    Awesome pairing
  20. incei pairing

    incei pairing

    everything but insertions...paired for over 30 min.