martinique pinktoe tarantula

  1. 2" Caribena versicolor [ventral sexing] #2

    2" Caribena versicolor [ventral sexing] #2

    2" C versicolor #2
  2. 2" Caribena versicolor [ventral sexing] #1

    2" Caribena versicolor [ventral sexing] #1

    2" C versicolor #1
  3. Caribena versicolor sling

    Caribena versicolor sling

    Caribena Versicolor in her web hammock.
  4. C.Versi sling

    C.Versi sling

    Best looking sling in my opinion
  5. C.Versi Eating

    C.Versi Eating

    Om nom nom
  6. Mrs Blue Berry loves her hammock! ♥

    Mrs Blue Berry loves her hammock! ♥

    What do you do on a sunny Sunday afternoon when it's hot, all chores are done and you're just feeling lazy? Right, you enjoy the day in your comfy hammock. *lol*
  7. C.Versicolor Juvenile

    C.Versicolor Juvenile

    In absolute awe of my two juveniles, finally seem to have lost all trace of blue making way for their amazing purple. First feed was taking nicely and I got a good look at them, truly beautiful x
  8. Caribena versicolor

    Caribena versicolor

    Here is my suspect male C. Versicolor having some Dubia dinner.
  9. C.versicolor male or female?

    C.versicolor male or female?

    This little one keeps destroying the molts
  10. C. versicolour

    C. versicolour

    Construction of the Martinique hotel :p
  11. C versicolor

    C versicolor

    The beginner tarantula keepers drug of choice
  12. Feather (C. versicolor)

    Feather (C. versicolor)

    Feather keeps getting prettier and prettier! I love that blue coloration. Usually I leave it alone, but today I had to make better test for my new phone camera
  13. C. versicolor

    C. versicolor

  14. Polaris


    I think it's about time for a rehouse.
  15. C.versicolor(F)AD_1


  16. C. versicolor

    C. versicolor

  17. Polaris


    Post molt
  18. Polaris


    This was taken just after Polaris first molt in my care. Feels like a lifetime ago!
  19. 2" C versicolor

    2" C versicolor

    This was the best picture I could get. Does this look like spermathcae?
  20. !C. Versicolor!

    !C. Versicolor!

    Just molted about 10days ago. Fed it its very first superworm Last night. What a gorgeous species. Can't what till it "FUZZES" up some more.