ivory ornamental tarantula

  1. P. subfusca HL

    P. subfusca HL

    Juvenile female - they are difficult as heck to get a picture off...
  2. Poecilotheria subfusca

    Poecilotheria subfusca

  3. 0.0.1 Poecilotheria subfusca

    0.0.1 Poecilotheria subfusca

  4. Poecilotheria subfusca

    Poecilotheria subfusca

    Adult female, Uncropped
  5. Poecilotheria subfusca HL

    Poecilotheria subfusca HL

    Young female. About 6.5".
  6. P.subfusca lowland

    P.subfusca lowland

    AF, shes quite skittish...rarely catch her out in the open.
  7. P. subfusca HL sling

    P. subfusca HL sling

    My latest addition. I’d say looking pretty male already hehe
  8. Subfusca Highland Sling

    Subfusca Highland Sling

  9. P. Subfusca Highland Sling

    P. Subfusca Highland Sling

    Newly acquired Subfusca Highland sling!
  10. P. subfusca LL

    P. subfusca LL

    My juvie finally came out and away from the cork bark (when I was around anyways)
  11. Poecilotheria subfusca

    Poecilotheria subfusca

    HL vs. LL
  12. Poecilotheria sp highland

    Poecilotheria sp highland

    Nice big girl. Gotta check her next molt..
  13. MM Poecilotheria subfusca 'Lowland'

    MM Poecilotheria subfusca 'Lowland'

    Deathcry rocking his final suit.
  14. Lowland


    Large female, recently molted.
  15. 0.1 P. subfusca Lowland/Bara

    0.1 P. subfusca Lowland/Bara

  16. 1.0 Poecilotheria subfusca 'lowland'

    1.0 Poecilotheria subfusca 'lowland'

  17. P. subfusca 3

    P. subfusca 3

    These 3 are all about an inch and from the same sac. What do you think? Male or female?
  18. Psubfusca 2

    Psubfusca 2

    This one comes out of the same sac as the other pic I posted. I'm not sure about the sex. Also sorry about the bad pic.
  19. P. subfusca

    P. subfusca

    Couldn't get clearer pics. This one looks like male to me. What do you think?
  20. P. subfusca sex?

    P. subfusca sex?

    Anybody help sexing my P. subfusca?! Would be greatly appreciated!!!