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  1. Euoplos Grandis

    Euoplos Grandis

    A close up shot of this absolutely gorgeous (and enormous) new specimen, easily sporting an 80-90mm legspan. The vibrant red on the carapace is truly stunning
  2. giant Euoplos Grandis

    giant Euoplos Grandis

    When i read they are capable of reaching the size of your palm, that somehow didnt register in my mind. Photos cannot possibly do justice to how huge this trapdoor is, dwarfing even my largest Namea Salanitri and Cataxia Pulleini for legspan and mass
  3. Euoplos variabilis

    Euoplos variabilis

  4. Arbanitis sp. “Nowra”

    Arbanitis sp. “Nowra”

  5. Arbanitis sp. “Bellthorpe tube web”

    Arbanitis sp. “Bellthorpe tube web”

  6. Euoplos thynnearum

    Euoplos thynnearum

  7. Blakistonia aurea

    Blakistonia aurea

    New girl in from South Australia
  8. Cataxia pulleinei

    Cataxia pulleinei

    SE QLD Locality.
  9. Idiosoma sp.

    Idiosoma sp.

    SA locality.
  10. Arbanitis longipes

    Arbanitis longipes

    SE Queensland locality.
  11. Arbanitis gracilis

    Arbanitis gracilis

    Copacabana, Central coast NSW locality.
  12. Juvenile Arbanitis gracilis

    Juvenile Arbanitis gracilis

    Copacabana, Central coast NSW locality.
  13. Arbanitis gracilis

    Arbanitis gracilis

    Copacabana, Central coast NSW locality.
  14. Neocteniza toba.

    Neocteniza toba.

    Idiopidae family. Trapdoor spider. Adult female. About 1.2" (3cm, more or less).
  15. Arbanitis sp. (melancholicus?)

    Arbanitis sp. (melancholicus?)

    Copacabana, on the Central coast, NSW locality.
  16. Arbanitis sp. (villosus?)

    Arbanitis sp. (villosus?)

  17. Cataxia pulleinei

    Cataxia pulleinei

  18. Trapdoor threat display.

    Trapdoor threat display.

    Naww Golden Trapdoor species Euoplos "Grandis" is an inland form, still just as angry as the other GTs, they are all balls of pure rage and so darn quick to act. All my GTs make me nervous and can't help but think "yep, one day, you WILL bite me"
  19. Golden Trapdoor 2.

    Golden Trapdoor 2.

    One of the seven different euoplos sp. I keep. The most pronounced trait they have in common is they all have such a short fuse. Angry spiders.
  20. Golden Trapdoor

    Golden Trapdoor

    Recently moulted euoplos sp.