1. Ungoliant

    Tarantula Information for Beginners (and More)

    Below are some helpful resources. (Rather than having half a dozen or more pinned threads, which clutter the top of the board, we are pinning this index.) While the focus is on beginners, there are other threads on health and more advanced species that may be useful to more experienced...
  2. Jeff23

    Cyriocosmus Genus Tarantulas

    What is the life expectancy for the species in this genus people have owned? Are any of these arboreal T's or all terrestrial? Do you keep substrate for your adult version dry or moist? I suppose they are all dwarfs? I have slings in a couple of these species (leetzi and bertae) so I am...
  3. Jeff23

    Psalmopoeus ecclesiasticus and reduncus

    I have a couple small 1/2" slings in these two species coming in and want to confirm care for them. Are they more similar to species I own such as cambridgei, irminia, pulcher or none of the above on their lifestyle? I want to make sure I set up their enclosures and provide proper water (or...