holothele vellardi

  1. MM N. incei Olive

    MM N. incei Olive

    Well that's 1 of 3. Wondering if the next 2 are males as well. But I don't know, since getting good molts are hard for these species.
  2. Neoholothele incei gold

    Neoholothele incei gold

    Got this little bugger as a gift. Stunning coloration! :D
  3. Meal for Minimus

    Meal for Minimus

    Not often this T gives me a photo op. This little dude (at least I'm pretty sure it's male) is growing like a weed and eating like a genic. Hoping he'll mature around the same time my GCF female molts again, I plan on these being my first breeding project! :)
  4. N. incei 2" DLS (1/2)

    N. incei 2" DLS (1/2)

    I know my picture quality is terrible, but does anyone have any ideas? It's one of two I picked up yesterday
  5. N. incei

    N. incei

    I thought i was getting the gold form but it looks kinda green to me...
  6. N.Incei


    1 1/4” gold form
  7. 0.1 Neoholothele incei gold

    0.1 Neoholothele incei gold

    After rehousing my N. incei and excavating her moult I was able to sex her... and she's indeed a girl! YAY! :D
  8. N. Incei Olive Close-up

    N. Incei Olive Close-up

    Almost 2'' and out today for a picture.
  9. Do She Got a Booty? (♀ Neoholothele incei 2.25")

    Do She Got a Booty? (♀ Neoholothele incei 2.25")

  10. N. Incei

    N. Incei

    Close up
  11. 0.1 Neoholothele incei

    0.1 Neoholothele incei

    Jade rocking her new suit.
  12. Neoholothele incei

    Neoholothele incei

    Green is really starting to come out on these guys.
  13. N. incei Feeding

    N. incei Feeding

    Finally can get a decent picture of this one.
  14. Worth Your Weight In Gold

    Worth Your Weight In Gold

    Nugget, 0.1 N. incei "Gold"
  15. N. incei "olive"

    N. incei "olive"

  16. N. incei

    N. incei

    Finally get a good enough pic on this one. I have three of these, yet all of them are reclusive unless i'm feeding them.
  17. N. incei Pic. Before Rehouse

    N. incei Pic. Before Rehouse

    A picture right before the rehouse. Fast growing for sure, which they web like crazy at amazing speeds.
  18. N. incei gold form female!

    N. incei gold form female!

    The molt was to mangled to spread out completely, luckily I was still able to see the spermatheca! I also have the olive form that is female! Will need a male for the both of them!!!
  19. Neoholothele incei (gold form)

    Neoholothele incei (gold form)

    Neoholothele incei (gold form), sub-adult female
  20. Neoholothele incei Adult Female

    Neoholothele incei Adult Female

    I haven't seen this pretty girl for months.