holothele vellardi

  1. N. incei (gold)

    N. incei (gold)

    Proably 1.5” 60x Magnification I’m not seeing anything and i expect spermathicae would be quite noticeable at this size, so i’m thinking male.
  2. Neoholothele incei Adult Female - 3.5"

    Neoholothele incei Adult Female - 3.5"

  3. Dark Mode

    Dark Mode

    Slings are all darkening up, expecting 2nd instar soon, where I'll probably start separating them and putting them up for sale. Only one death so far - you can see the deformed sling in a curl in the upper right corner. Unsurprising but sad, hoped he was gonna make it to the next molt.
  4. All Sorted Out

    All Sorted Out

    Got the N. incei slings out of the sac. Counted 124, all seem healthy except one that looks like it didn't molt quite right. He's still kickin though! Excited to see how many of these end up olive and how many end up gold.
  5. Terrible Photo of an Awesome Thing

    Terrible Photo of an Awesome Thing

    Paired a gold female to an olive male June 8th, sac laid July 5th, and pulled this morning. First pairing attempt met with sweet success. :)
  6. Paired 1st try

    Paired 1st try

    Awesome pairing
  7. 0.1 N. incei olive

    0.1 N. incei olive

    Molt 2.5” dls. 1/2” on February 2018. Accidentally pulled out half of the girly bit. Suspected this specimen to be female prior to molting because I have had males that matured a molt or two earlier. (2)
  8. Neoholothele incei Adult Female - ~3.5"

    Neoholothele incei Adult Female - ~3.5"

    Wanting dinner. ♥
  9. N. incei "gold" female

    N. incei "gold" female

  10. N. incei "Gold Form" female

    N. incei "Gold Form" female

    Happed to run across this N. incei "Gold Form" female in my LPS while buying crickets and had to snag her.
  11. Hello again

    Hello again

    I’m pretty certain this dude is a dude, but he finally appeared after taking a year between molts and is not mature yet. Nice to see him out and pigging out again, anyhow!
  12. Neoholothele incei “Gold”

    Neoholothele incei “Gold”

  13. incei pairing

    incei pairing

    everything but insertions...paired for over 30 min.
  14. N. Incei

    N. Incei

    Love these guys
  15. successful incei pairing

    successful incei pairing

  16. N. incei

    N. incei

    N. incei MF eating a mealworm, molted a month ago and looking great!
  17. Minumus to Maximus - MM N. incei NCF

    Minumus to Maximus - MM N. incei NCF

    Can't believe how much he grew in his ultimate molt - my boy had to double in size.
  18. AF incei "olive"

    AF incei "olive"

    re housed before pairing...previous home was simply too webbed up.
  19. David and Goliath ( N incei pairing with pidderpeets mm)

    David and Goliath ( N incei pairing with pidderpeets mm)

  20. N incei pairing

    N incei pairing