heteroscodra maculata

  1. Female H. mac

    Female H. mac

  2. Togo Starburst

    Togo Starburst

  3. Heteroscodra Maculata

    Heteroscodra Maculata

    Cute little sling .5”-1”
  4. Heteroscodra Maculata

    Heteroscodra Maculata

    Male or female, she’s about .5”-1”
  5. H.maculata


    They sure are elusive, first decent picture I have managed to get of this species. Raised both my specimens from 1/2" slings, great eaters and prolific webbers as you can see. Pretty good growth rates as well.
  6. Recently molted Togo Starburst

    Recently molted Togo Starburst

  7. New addition 2

    New addition 2

  8. H maculata

    H maculata

    New container
  9. H maculata

    H maculata

  10. H. maculata

    H. maculata

    Hello! My baby molted a few days ago and... it's a girl right?! :))
  11. Half a baboon.

    Half a baboon.

    This four legged cutie was labeled as an ornamental baboon (Heteroscodra maculata) but it looks maybe more like Stromatopelma calceatum to me.
  12. Heteroscodra maculata male (3")

    Heteroscodra maculata male (3")

  13. Heteroscodra maculata

    Heteroscodra maculata

  14. H.maculata


    Hi, i was just wondering if someone could help me sex my T. It looks like a male to me.
  15. Agent "Spooky" Mulder on the move

    Agent "Spooky" Mulder on the move

  16. Heteroscodra maculata

    Heteroscodra maculata

    H. maculata
  17. Domino


    0.1 Heteroscodra maculata
  18. Heteroscodra Maculata

    Heteroscodra Maculata

    2" Female
  19. H. maculata: female?

    H. maculata: female?

    If I'm correct, I can see the spermatheracae under the microscope (4x magnification), and I do notice a "flap" when looking at the molt with the naked eye very closely. So I'm assuming that this H. maculata juvenile is indeed a female.
  20. H.maculata male or female?

    H.maculata male or female?

    2.5 inches what do you guys think.