heteroscodra maculata

  1. H.maculata 3" juvenile

    H.maculata 3" juvenile

    Help me sex my h.mac please, sold to me as a female, can anyone confirm?
  2. H.maculata sexing

    H.maculata sexing

    Around 3" in DLS Pretty certain this is female Just making sure since I have trust issues with the seller Dorsal photos below
  3. H. maculata sex me please [3/3]

    H. maculata sex me please [3/3]

    This is a clearer photo of my h.mac About 2" in DLS
  4. H. maculata sex me please [2/3]

    H. maculata sex me please [2/3]

    Around 2-2.5" DLS
  5. H. maculata sex me please [1/3]

    H. maculata sex me please [1/3]

    Around 2-2.5" in DLS
  6. H Maculata

    H Maculata

    4 inch DLS female new addition
  7. h mac

    h mac

  8. Expo find

    Expo find

    This was listed as a curly hair for 10 dollars at an expo today i know it is most definetly not. i was guessing h mac as it looks similar to the 6 i have just slight differences make me wonder. Any help as far as i.d would be appreciated
  9. Ceratogyrus meridionalis???

    Ceratogyrus meridionalis???

    Sold as mustard grey baboon. Just want to confirm Ceratogyrus meridionalis.... anyone?
  10. Ornamental baboon?

    Ornamental baboon?

    I would think this is an ornamental baboon?
  11. MM H. maculata?

    MM H. maculata?

    I thought that my H. mac had lost their dread of light because I had relocated their enclosure but then I noticed that they also look browner in coloring. I did not expect them to mature this small and tried photographing the pedipalps to confirm.
  12. 0.1 Heteroscodra maculata

    0.1 Heteroscodra maculata

    Domino rocking her new suit
  13. Freshly Molted H. Maculata

    Freshly Molted H. Maculata

    My girl, Shiro is growing up steadily. She's around 2.5'' now maybe...
  14. H Mac?

    H Mac?

    Was sold to me as a juvenile H maculata. What do you guys think?
  15. H. Mac I believe

    H. Mac I believe

    Suspect female
  16. Ornamental baboon(Heteroscodra maculata)

    Ornamental baboon(Heteroscodra maculata)

    Sex? If anyone can
  17. Heteroscodra Maculata

    Heteroscodra Maculata

    About 2 - 2.5” at the moment. Any ideas? :)
  18. Heteroscodra maculata

    Heteroscodra maculata

  19. Heteroscodra maculata F or M?

    Heteroscodra maculata F or M?

    Hi, this is a 2'' H.maculata, can you tell if it's a male or female? Thank you :)
  20. H. mac sexing. Male or Female?

    H. mac sexing. Male or Female?

    I’m leaning female. Any one else care to chime in?