heteroscodra maculata

  1. H.mac


  2. Heteroscodra maculata.

    Heteroscodra maculata.

    I really like this pic of her.
  3. Heteroscodra maculata

    Heteroscodra maculata

    Recently moulted adult female
  4. Excelsior the H. maculata

    Excelsior the H. maculata

    He’s hard to take pictures of. And he is stupid fast. 0-100 real quick.
  5. Where’s the H. mac?

    Where’s the H. mac?

    There is one in the pic. He is just amazing at camouflage
  6. H. maculata

    H. maculata

    What’s the earliest one can be sext? Just out of curiosity. I took this picture the other day of my sling so it’s probably too early to tell. But man it came out wonderful. I love the colors and the bright book lungs
  7. H. maculata 1.2in M or F?

    H. maculata 1.2in M or F?

  8. H. mac on the hunt

    H. mac on the hunt

    My tiny H. mac sling on the hunt. Voracious appetite.
  9. ID Request [2/2]

    ID Request [2/2]

  10. ID Request [1/2]

    ID Request [1/2]

  11. H. maculata

    H. maculata

    2 weeks post molt 4.5 inch DLS Female
  12. H. Mac

    H. Mac

  13. H. maculata

    H. maculata

    Hanging out on the cork bark! Thankfully the flash worked correctly this time.
  14. Long day for this one

    Long day for this one

    I just got this H. maculata today. I rehoused him today. Now I check on it and it has molted! Poor thing.
  15. H. Maculata

    H. Maculata

  16. H. Maculata

    H. Maculata

    4" At the pet shop... Want to buy but I don’t want another male hihi. You guess what?
  17. Wonder of Wonders!

    Wonder of Wonders!

    First, I will be the first to admit (so comments in this regard are unnecessary) it’s from a quality standpoint a crap picture. However, I had to snap with my phone because I knew it wouldn’t last. I turned the lights on and the H. mac & S. cal stayed put! I think they may be conspiring...
  18. Heteroscodra maculata [ventral sexing]

    Heteroscodra maculata [ventral sexing]

    My H Mac sling was nice enough to pose for a ventral pic, but my phone camera is a potato. Let me know what you think, male or female?
  19. H. Maculata

    H. Maculata

    #1 is 3 inch #2 3.5 inch
  20. H.mac