1. Heteropoda davidbowie

    Heteropoda davidbowie

    Adult female
  2. ID Request (Vietnam)

    ID Request (Vietnam)

    I photographed this arachnid in Hue, Viet Nam in 2012. Any idea what it is?
  3. Lichen Huntsman

    Lichen Huntsman

    A sub adult male H. boiei
  4. H. boiei

    H. boiei

  5. what a big new family's member

    what a big new family's member

    Heteropoda Boiei
  6. Crab loving dinner

    Crab loving dinner

    This guy was so super tiny 4 weeks ago and he has grown probably 5 times his original size. Crazy how fast he grows.
  7. H. davidbowie

    H. davidbowie

    I am a fan of this spider and a MASSSSSSIVE Bowie fan
  8. Heteropoda davidbowie

    Heteropoda davidbowie

    When you're named in honour after David Bowie, you command respect! After seeing photographs of specimens online some odd years ago, Heteropoda davidbowie for a long while have been amongst my list of most admired/favourite invertebrates.
  9. Heteropoda Boiei

    Heteropoda Boiei

    Mommy finally open the egg sack
  10. Heteropoda sp.

    Heteropoda sp.

  11. Heteropoda boiei

    Heteropoda boiei

  12. Heteropoda javana

    Heteropoda javana

    Mothers day may have passed -- but hey, it's never too late to appreciate and acknowledge motherhood! Being a mother is a full time job, but you don't have to tell this expecting Huntsman spider, in the process of incubating her brood.
  13. "I'm watching  you"

    "I'm watching you"

    MF Heteropoda boiei, giving me the stink eye.
  14. H. davidbowie

    H. davidbowie

    I’m thinking female.
  15. Heteropoda venatoria - plump female

    Heteropoda venatoria - plump female

    Top view, same specimen.
  16. Heteropoda venatoria

    Heteropoda venatoria

    Heteropoda venatoria - plump female!
  17. David bowie

    David bowie

  18. Spider from Mars

    Spider from Mars

  19. Heteropoda sp.

    Heteropoda sp.

    Bought at H. sp. Malaysia. Does anyone know more about this spider?
  20. Heteropoda venatoria

    Heteropoda venatoria

    Heteropoda venatoria - female, dead