harpactira cafreriana

  1. H. cafreriana

    H. cafreriana

    She’s no longer a fan of sheltering her plump booty in place and has been throwing wild premolt parties above ground.
  2. H. cafreriana gal

    H. cafreriana gal

    finally starting to settle in and do some digging.
  3. Harpactira Cafreriana

    Harpactira Cafreriana

  4. Harpactira Cafreriana

    Harpactira Cafreriana

  5. Harpactira cafreriana

    Harpactira cafreriana

    Adult Female
  6. Harpactira cafreriana

    Harpactira cafreriana

    Sub-Adult Female
  7. Harpactira cafreriana

    Harpactira cafreriana

    Sub-Adult Female
  8. H cafreriana pair

    H cafreriana pair

  9. Harpactira cafreriana, suspect female

    Harpactira cafreriana, suspect female

    My little DKS surviver - a tough little fighter. In February she was close to death, but she somehow kept feeding and growing and now she's perfectly fine. Her healthy brother already hooked out and went on to breed, so I hope/think she's a she.
  10. Harpactira cafreriana

    Harpactira cafreriana

    Harpactira cafreriana, unsexed juvenile
  11. Harpactira cafreriana juvenile

    Harpactira cafreriana juvenile

    My last surviving, healthy animal out of three :(. One sibling is still alive but still showing DKS symptoms and the third one died with DKS symptoms. I really hope this one turns out female. This is such a wonderful species, active, always out, briliant colors - and so difficult to replace.
  12. Harpactira cafreriana

    Harpactira cafreriana

    After a recent molt I have finally had a chance to see her colors. Had no idea how gorgeous she is. 1 1/4 in sling.