1. The Catch

    The Catch

    Hadronyche Valida, adult female
  2. The Pursuit

    The Pursuit

    Hadronyche Versuta on a mission
  3. H.Lamingtonensis


    Cricket has made a terrible decision
  4. H.Infensa


    She peek
  5. Freshly molted Formidabilis

    Freshly molted Formidabilis

    Still small but has easily doubled in size. This is the largest species of Funnelweb
  6. H.Cerberea AF

    H.Cerberea AF

    Unfortunately, while a rehouse was necessary, they don't cope too well with them and it can take up to a week for them to finally decide to settle down. She has made a starter burrow where I predicted and webbed the enclosure perimeter, but not made any triplines yet
  7. Hydronyche Versuta

    Hydronyche Versuta

    Remember this massive girl? She came to me on 11 July and refused food ever since. I rarely see her out of her little tunnel as well so I thought I would just try to feed her tonight and I was not disappointed.
  8. Hadronyche Infensa AF

    Hadronyche Infensa AF

    Almost convinced she's melanistic, everything including her joints (which are normally white) is completely black.
  9. new Hadronyche Infensa setup

    new Hadronyche Infensa setup

    Special species gets an extra effort setup
  10. H.Infensa AF

    H.Infensa AF

    I have been trying to readd this species to the collection for quite some time. Now I have a beautiful big female and not a falsely labelled male, I can really observe her and compare how the primary specimen of Infensa group compares to other ones. Currently the second deadliest spider known
  11. H.macq rehoused

    H.macq rehoused

    'Tis the season of rehousing here, and many of my specimens that have outgrown their enclosures are getting new ones, mold replacements or simply a setup better suited to their behavioural needs. The larger of my 2 H.Macquariensis girls got her new setup today as well
  12. Hadronyche Cerberea threat pose

    Hadronyche Cerberea threat pose

    She was not impressed by the misting action in her new enclosure. Will update as she makes some neat triplines
  13. Hadronyche Cerberea

    Hadronyche Cerberea

    The type species the entire funnelweb family was founded upon. My Southern Tree Funnelweb is due for a rehouse because of a bark mold outbreak. She's approaching 65mm DLS and absolutely huge
  14. She quicc (GIF)

    She quicc (GIF)

    H.Macqariensis be quicc. She also be slicc
  15. H.Levittgreggae feeding

    H.Levittgreggae feeding

    I forgot how small she was when I put this cricket in. Recent addition waiting to be fully identified, but most likely candidate is Levittgreggae
  16. Formidable feeding GIF

    Formidable feeding GIF

    H.Formidabilis being her photogenic self. In broad daylight, she will run to other corner of her enclosure to chase a cricket down
  17. Panic mode (GIF)

    Panic mode (GIF)

    H.Formidabilis is perplexed on how to re-enter her own tunnel
  18. H.Formidabilis


    Just rehoused her into a setup with a nice artificial tree stump. Will update as she builds triplines
  19. Hadronyche Formidabilis

    Hadronyche Formidabilis

    I have waited far too long and gone through way too many failed capture attempts for this species. Now to make an awesome arboreal enclosure
  20. Wild H.Valida burrow

    Wild H.Valida burrow

    As you can tell, they love rocks